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According to Tejarat News, of course, according to market activists, the government should provide the conditions for the entry of the private sector. This also requires that the interests of the private sector be included in order to find motivation. The private sector has the ability to implement due to low overhead costs and human resources. But the resources of this plan must be provided from a place that is not inflationary. Otherwise, it will be similar to Mehr’s housing project, which introduced high-powered money into the market using the credit line of the Central Bank and led to heavy inflation.

In this context, the head of Maskan Bank announced the payment of 49 Hamats for National Housing Movement projects and said: the contract for 209,000 units of this project worth 71 Hamats has been signed. Ali Askari reminded that Housing Bank was in charge of financing the Mehr housing project and acted well in this direction, adding: Currently, it has paid 49 thousand billion tomans until 12th of Bahman this year for the implementation of the National Housing Movement plan.

He clarified: until the mentioned date, Maskan Bank has signed the contract for 209 thousand 308 residential units under the National Housing Movement Plan in the amount of more than 71 thousand billion tomans, which will be deposited into the account of the builders according to the progress of the residential units. The head of Maskan Bank announced the opening of the account of 800,000 applicants of the National Housing Movement and stating that the signing of the contracts of these people is in progress, he added: The National Housing Movement plan is applicant-oriented and from the time the applicant pays his share of the company to the projects becomes related The applicant knows from the beginning in which project and which floor he will own a residential unit.

Housing needs support

Any amount and any amount of attention and help to the construction will be welcomed by many builders and it should be taken as a good omen. Housing construction needs support. The private sector has a good ability to produce housing, but the needs of this sector must be answered. Strategies that can increase production should be adopted. In the current situation, the supply is not proportional to the demand, and the production of residential units must speed up. Any amount added to the accumulation of demand will make the market conditions more difficult.

The increase in housing construction loans is welcomed by builders and mass builders. However, the granting conditions and the interest rate should be facilitated. So that it is not difficult to access. Banks are required to allocate 20% of their facilities to the housing sector. So far, none of the banks except Maskan Bank has agreed or paid this amount of facilities, and in this field, the banks have not performed acceptable.

Construction is at a standstill. In recent years, the construction of the private sector is about 400,000 residential units, and even now, with some intensity and weakness, the same amount is produced. What the government should have done was to add 600,000 units to this number so that the annual production of housing would reach one million, but in the last 1.5 years, the basis and conditions for the increase in construction were not provided.

Meanwhile, when construction inputs increase, housing prices increase. But the purchasing power of households is constantly decreasing. Therefore, the mass maker is not able to sell his product. Especially since the builder himself has to buy more expensive materials and land and must provide more liquidity. But on the other hand, he faces failure in selling the units he has built.

It seems that the solution to create peace in the housing market is to control inflation. Due to the growth of housing prices, real demand has not been able to enter the market since about 10 years ago, and it is not possible now. In general, the demands that have been created at any point have been capital. This false capital exists anyway and determines the price. If the real demand comes to the market, the price increase will intensify.

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