How much is the mortgage for a 100-meter apartment in the east of Tehran? + price table

To rent a 100-meter apartment unit in the East region, in Niro Air Force neighborhood, about 3 million to 12.5 million tomans must be paid per month.

In order to rent in the East region in the Niro Air Force neighborhood, you must have a maximum rent of 12,500,000 tomans and a deposit of at least 200 million tomans in advance.

Below are the housing rental prices in this area of ​​Tehran:

Neighborhood, square footage, rent (prices are in Tomans), mortgage (prices are in Tomans)

Hafezieh 90 4 to 7 million and 500 280 to 650 million

Victory 100 4 to 12 million 300 to 1 billion and 250 million

Air force 100 6 to 12 million 500 200 to 1 billion 100 million

Imamat 90 3 to 12 million, 300 to 920 million

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