How much does it cost to buy a house in the cities around Tehran?

According to Tejarat News, according to the advertisements registered in the requirements of the wall, the average purchase price of an apartment in the cities around Tehran has increased from an average of 6 million Tomans in the new city of Parand to an average price of 12 million Tomans in the city of Quds.

The average purchase price of an apartment in Pakdasht and Robat Karim in the channel is 7 million Tomans, Qarchak 8 million Tomans, Bumhan 9.9 million Tomans, Varamin 10.9 million Tomans.

The cities of Shahriar, Roodehen and Pardis are advertised on the 11 million Toman channel. Also, among the cities in the table below, the city of Quds has a higher rate with an average price of 12.1 million Tomans per square meter of residential apartments.

In the table below, you can see the average purchase price of housing in the cities around Tehran.

In which areas of East Tehran is the house cheaper?

The average purchase price of a house in Afsaria, which is one of the cheapest areas in the east of Tehran, is 21 million Tomans. Each square meter of house in Ahang and Sabalan areas is traded at an average price of about 23 million Tomans.

Each meter of apartment in Piroozi area is 25.9 million Tomans and in East Tehranpars area is 26.4 million Tomans. The average purchase price of housing in the eastern regions of Tehran is recorded only in the areas mentioned in the channel of 20 million Tomans, and in other eastern regions of Tehran, each meter of housing is traded above 30 million Tomans.

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