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How much will it cost to get a new mortgage?

An examination of the latest situation of housing bond prices shows that each sheet of housing facility bonds in April, May and June of last year are priced at 60,300, 60,400 and 60,500 Tomans, respectively.

Each sheet of the housing facility bonds of the Housing Bank is traded in July, August and September of last year at a price of 60,400, 60,300 and 60,100 Tomans.

These bonds are priced at 60,700, 60,200 and 60,400 tomans in each of the months of October, November and December.

Housing facility bonds are traded at a price of 60,300 tomans in January of last year, at a price of 60,400 tomans in February and at a price of 60,600 tomans in March.

Housing bond prices from April to August this year

Also, these bonds will be traded at a price of 60,300 Tomans in April 1400, at a price of 60,400 Tomans in May of this year, and at a price of 60,400 Tomans in June of this year.

The price of these bonds in July and August of this year is 60 thousand and 500 and 60 thousand and 400 Tomans, respectively, and this report is written based on the price of August.

Bond prices for singles and married people in Tehran

Based on this, and due to the increase in the ceiling of housing construction and purchase loans, single people living in Tehran can receive facilities up to 280 million Tomans, which includes 200 million Tomans of housing purchase facilities and 80 million Tomans of fake loans.

Therefore, in order to receive 200 million Tomans of facilities, he has to buy 400 sheets of housing facilities, and the cost of this number of bonds is 60 million and 600 Tomans, 24 million and 240 thousand Tomans.

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Also, considering the 80 million Tomans loan for which they have to buy 160 sheets in the amount of 9 million and 664 thousand Tomans, the total cost of buying the bonds reaches 33 million and 904 thousand Tomans.

On this basis, Tehranian couples can receive up to 480 million Tomans, including 200 million Tomans of housing purchase facilities per person and 80 million Tomans of fake loans; Therefore, couples must buy 800 housing facilities, the cost of which is 48 million and 480 thousand tomans, which together with the cost of 9 million and 696 thousand tomans of fake loan, for which they must buy 160 sheets of housing facilities, in total must be 58 million and 176 thousand tomans. To pay.

Bond prices in other provinces

The ceiling of these facilities for provincial centers and cities with a population of more than 200,000 people has reached 160 million tomans for singles and 320 million tomans for couples. Singles must pay 19 million and 392 thousand tomans and married people must pay 38 million and 784 thousand tomans.

This loan has reached 120 million Tomans for singles in other urban areas and 240 million Tomans for couples in these areas. Therefore, singles must pay 7 million and 272 thousand tomans and married people must pay 14 million and 544 thousand tomans to obtain this loan.


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