The fall of 17,000 units of the Tehran Stock Exchange

The total index of Tehran Stock Exchange fell by 17,600 units and reached the level of 1,470,000 units.

The total index of Tehran Stock Exchange at the beginning of capital market transactions fell by 17,600 units to the level of 1,470,000 units. The total weighted index also turned red and recorded 446,671 units with a drop of 3700 units.

The OTC index was also negative and reached 21,894 units.

The symbols of steel, family and kachad have the most negative effect and the symbols of midco, shasta and tanvin have the most positive effect on the movement of the index.

The symbols of Barakat Shasta, Kimiatek, Khodro, Khasapa, Sepid and Khogstar were in the most active group of the stock exchange and the symbols of Vahamoon, Di, Fajhan, Sepidar, Gadna, Shashadf and Kerman were in the most active group of the OTC.

Status of symbols at the beginning of trading

We see a smooth movement in the circuit of a positive 1.4%; More than 17 million shares became those shares.

The price of cars

Khodro, Khosapa, Khogstar, Khabhman, Khazamia, Khakar, Khosaz, Khering, Khomharkeh and Khtogha are negative and balanced.

With a growth of more than 1% and a price of 4711 Tomans, Midco has recorded a trading volume of more than 4 million and is one of the green symbols of today.

Redness of chemical products

Nouri Petrol, Shasina Aria, Shagoya, Bouali, Fars, Topico, Sharak, Shiran, Zagros Sharom #Ghadir and Shafars are balanced with a negative tendency. Miyatek, Shtoka, Saina, Shafara are the symbols of the group. Shekarbon, Sheptro, Shefen and Shakhark are positive and balanced.

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