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According to Tejarat News, despite the news such as the possibility of liberalizing car imports, buying a car in installments has a different story from buying a car in cash, and usually thinking about buying a car in smaller installments is considered a cheap option. Due to the current 45% inflation and the approach of 40% liquidity growth, the prospect of reducing inflation in the Iranian economy has not yet become a reality, and this is exactly why some people are looking for loans or installment purchases. In this measure, the amount of interest paid is usually not as much as inflation. But how can you buy a car in installments?

Installment purchase without a guarantor!

Installment purchase without a guarantor is the motto of one of the car sellers.

Automakers are not in a good position. The depot of more than 100,000 incomplete cars in their parking lots and the loss of more than 100,000 billion Tomans due to the implementation of pre-sale plans and on the other hand the reduction of their production is only a part of their unsuitable situation. In this situation, some companies claim that they can provide Iran Khodro cars to customers in installments, without a guarantor and immediate delivery!

One of these companies, which claims to operate legally, has stated: “According to the company’s rules, there is no need to provide a guarantor for buying in installments, depending on the customer’s documents. There are up to 36 months to adjust the installments. “The amount of advance payment is also determined depending on the job documents and residence documents of the customer and the customer’s wishes, so that people can buy the car in installments without financial pressure.”

Delivery of the car as soon as possible is another claim of the company, which also stated: “After paying the initial payment and delivery of the car and after the administrative process, the buyer will have a document in his name in a short time, only one A formal contract is set for the payment of installments.

Peugeot Pars, Peugeot 207, Samand, Changan, Quick, Peugeot 206 and Haima are among these cars that can be seen in the installment sales plan of the relevant companies.

However, the high profit in the purchase of these cars, the high installment amount for the purchase and the limited nature of this plan only for Tehranians are among the criticisms towards the installment sale plan of Iran-Khodro cars. Read the criticisms of this plan of Arsha Khodro Company and more details in the report of “Car Installment Sales”.

Installment sale of cars to retirees

In addition, another car company sells cars to retirees in installments.

Retirees can buy 11 car models in installments. Of course, these cars are Chinese, and in the context of liberalizing car imports, it may be better for some market participants to expect to buy options for foreign models.

However, Tigo, Arezzo and MVM are the 11 different car models considered in this design.

Retirees whose organizations have contracts with the Automotive Managers Group can use the company’s installment plan to purchase a variety of MVM, Tigo and Arezzo models.

Advance payments for cars are 20 to 45% depending on the car model and settlement must be made within a period of 60 months. Its profit rate is also set by the company at 21%.

The prices of car managers in the picture are mistaken for Rials. These rates are in Tomans.
The prices of car managers in the picture are mistaken for Rials. These rates are in Tomans.

For more details on this plan, you can read the report “Sales in installments to retirees”.

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