How to buy gold and coins from the stock exchange?

According to Tejarat News, for buying and selling gold and coins in Commodity Exchange There are several methods and trading is a specialized job. That is, if shareholders do not have complete information in this area, they are likely to lose. There are two types of investments in gold and coins; The first is a certificate of deposit and the second is a fund backed by gold.

What is a Certificate of Deposit?

A certificate of deposit is a type of security that confirms a person’s ownership of a certain amount of a certain good. It is also backed by a standard warehouse receipt issued by warehouses listed on the stock exchange. This means that with this certificate, the shareholder can, after purchasing the coins, deliver them from the treasury of the approved banks, and if necessary or increase the price, sell the certificate of deposit.

These types of certificates from Saturday to Wednesday in Exchange Are traded. The minimum purchase amount in this method is one coin. Of course, this purchase is low risk and has many applicants.

Gold and Coin Mutual Funds

The second type of investment is gold and coin mutual funds. In this method, the fund manager buys the required gold and coins from the bank or market and invests them in the operating bank.

In other words, investing in a coin and gold investment fund is an indirect investment based on the global gold and exchange rate.

The major percentage of investments in this sector is on gold and coin certificates. Of course, the price of gold and coins depends on two factors: the global ounce price and the exchange rate.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying coins and gold in the commodity exchange


1. Reducing exchange rate risk in the global market and taking advantage of changes in the price of an ounce of global gold

2. Reduce the risk of gold price fluctuations

3. Reduce the risk of inflation

4. Reduce the risk of physical storage of gold and coins

5. Reduce the risk of determining the authenticity of coins and gold in physical purchases

6. High liquidity

7. Ability to compare the price of gold in the world market

8. Reduce the risk of theft


But buy coins and gold in Commodity Exchange Not all advantages and sometimes disadvantages such as; There is a certain range of 5 to 10 percent for the investment fund.

In fact, if you buy gold and coins in the physical market and the price of gold and coins rises in 30 days, you can eventually make a 30% profit by selling the gold and coins you bought. But when buying from mutual funds, your profit and loss are determined over a period of time.

Another disadvantage of buying and selling gold in the capital market is the possibility of closing investment funds. Gold and Coin Trading in Exchange It is done only at certain times of the day and only during this time can you buy and sell.

Trading gold and coins in the stock market is possible only by having a trading code, while in physical purchase there is no need for this code.

How to get a product code?

Real people (ordinary people) should Customer code request form Complete with the brokerage and submit the photo of the identity card and national card that has been equal to the original by the broker.

Legal clients must, after completing the customer code request form with the broker, include the company’s identity documents, including the company’s articles of association, the official newspaper of the latest changes of the company, the latest official newspaper about board members and authorized signatories, as well as identity cards and national cards of authorized signatories. All members of the Board of Directors and CEO of the company. Next, all of these must be equal to the original by the broker.

Legal clients, Must also provide financial evidence of the company. These documents include the tax return of the last financial period, the economic code and the financial statements of the last financial period of the company. It is also necessary to submit the report of the official auditor and the statutory inspector and the company’s operating licenses, including the operating license.

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