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How to check the battery life of a laptop in Windows 11?

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The batteries used in laptops usually weaken over time and lose their capacity. After each charge cycle, a percentage of the maximum capacity of the battery decreases, and after a few years, the sum of these percentages becomes a significant amount, which has many negative effects on the charging of the laptop; Replace the laptop battery as much as possible. If you have a Windows laptop, you can test the health of your laptop battery in several ways.

Laptop battery health test

In this article, we are going to teach you how to test the health of your laptop battery in the Windows 11 operating system. Stay with us.

Laptop battery health test with PowerShell

Windows 11, just like Windows 10, has a built-in tool for testing the health of your laptop battery, and you can use it. The easiest way to test the health of a laptop battery on a Windows device is to use the Windows PowerShell tool, now renamed Windows Terminal in Windows 11. To check the battery status of your laptop through PowerShell, do the following:

Interpret battery health report

Laptop Battery Health Report

By opening the battery-report.html file in an html browser, you can see the full battery health report of your laptop. In the report, the two values ​​of Design Capacity and Full Charge Capacity are very important to us. The Design Capacity value in this image is 42082 MW, referring to the nominal capacity and battery factories. The Full Charge Capacity value here, which is 33949 mWh, indicates how much energy the battery can currently store. In this image, the battery retains about 80% of its original capacity, which is relatively acceptable.

The file of this report is updated every time you enter the command in PowerShell, and you can check the health of your laptop battery whenever you want.

We hope you find this article useful. Be sure to share any comments, questions and suggestions with us in the comments section.

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