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The tourism sector of the country has been neglected in the supportive policies of the governments

According to the Khorasan Razavi Wave news agency, Gholamhossein Shafei, head of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, said in a speech: “Lack of a deep look at the capacities.” Tourism Department In the country and the serious weakness in defining and implementing operational plans for this industry has caused, despite having many advantages in the interests of the tourism sector, not a share worthy of our country’s economy.

Shafei made these remarks in front of the members of the Tourism Commission and industry activists and added: “Our country’s policy-making field is mainly tourism industry Considers it a decorative capacity and does not see it as a deep potential to contribute to the development and excellence of the economy.

Chairman of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture He added: “This has prevented Iran from realizing the role and role that tourism has played in the economic development of many countries in the world.”

He stressed: “Unfortunately, the country’s tourism sector in Supportive policies Governments have been neglected, and one example of this can be seen in the 1401 budget. Is a section.

Shafei continued: in addition to economic approaches, tourism should be an opportunity for cultural exchange Let us consider it, not interpret it as cultural aggression, and certainly many micro-issues will not be resolved until these kinds of attitudes are corrected.

The head of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture stated: “Another major concern of tourism industry activists is the lack of a single trustee in this sector and the transfer of responsibilities in addressing and solving their problems, and of course such challenges can be extended to all economic sectors.” .

Shafei noted: “Responsibilities are distributed according to the circumstances, among individuals and institutions, but the person or institution that should be ultimately responsible for the issues is not identified, and the result is that the private sector is constantly in the process of demanding between responsible institutions and this issue is one It is one of the biggest challenges in the country’s business environment.

He stressed that the country’s infrastructure for Development of tourism industry, Not to mention the capacities and potentials available in this sector, noted: in Health tourism, We have many advantages, from skilled and capable doctors and medical staff to affordable costs compared to other medical systems in the world, but how can Iran be promoted as an ideal destination for health tourism while air pollution, food and agriculture sometimes Lack of standards, worn-out transportation, etc. are considered challenges for the health of the people of this country.

The member of the Supreme Council of Cultural Heritage and Tourism continued: “All these issues can overshadow the external attitude towards the quality and even the potential of tourism in our country.” However, we have to accept that our infrastructure has not developed to the best of our ability, and that in itself creates a challenge.

Shafi’i acknowledged: In the section health tourism , There has always been a concern of brokers and profiteers, but we are happy that today professional organizations have entered this field and are trying to organize and regulate the existing space in this sector.

He said: “The positive approach of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the support of this institution in seeking participation from the private sector, the formation of a joint committee with representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Silence and Iran is good news and the platform is an opportunity to raise problems and find solutions.” The shortest possible time, he said.

The head of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture added: “We should enumerate the problems of the index of activists in this field and use the dialogue council and the power of the Iranian chamber at the national level, and the tourism industry is an important capacity for us.” To correct those misconceptions that are the product of media espionage at the international level.

In conclusion, Shafei noted: “Most tourists who travel to our country, in interaction with this Iranian community, have a very different experience compared to their previous mentality and pass it on to their compatriots, and in this regard, every tourist should be an ambassador.” Consider it cultural and appreciate this valuable potential.


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