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As you know, most small and large businesses today to introduce themselves; The activities they perform and the products or services they provide to customers from space Social They use media or social networks. But for businesses and business owners, the need to use this space is that the audience is using the online space is growing.

Social media management is the process of producing content, interacting with users, and analyzing performance results across platforms. Social network management Also a subset of the digital realm Marketing And has a semantic affinity with it. In fact digital Marketing It also means using digital channels and media to market and sell products. The social media manager also helps with marketing and advertising to achieve business goals.

There are several benefits to managing social media, including:

Cost controlRegardless of your marketing budget, using social media is a cost-effective initiative because using offline media such as TV teasers, city-wide billboards, newspaper ads and magazines is expensive.

Increase user interaction: Incorporating social media into your marketing strategy will allow you to implement your marketing initiatives in line with user behavior.

Evaluation of results: Social media management helps you track traffic sources and traffic through various channels such as cookies and UTM links, and see which pages and posts are more appealing to your audience, and which traffic sources generate more sales.

So groups Marketing To optimally manage several different social network accounts, including Instagram and Telegram, you need auxiliary tools and Telegram Robot And they have similar tools for different social networks in this area. Social media management tools such as Novin hubCan simplify your strategy and allow you to access all your social accounts, including Instagram, Telegram, Twitter، Pinterest، LinkedIn … Restrict to one platform and manage all accounts from one dashboard without logging in and out of different applications.

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As you know, audience engagement is one of the most important marketing strategies on social media right now and there is a lot of emphasis on it. A high percentage of customers who interact with brands through social media expect a quick response.

In addition, social media management tools are often very cost-effective, and many of them novel hub Free versions are available for pre-purchase testing. Coherent and continuous presence in social networks, the effect Positive in the process of businesses to be seen, increase brand awareness, increase traffic website And increase interaction with the audience.

Features of modern social network management tools hub

Content management and scheduling: Automatic content scheduling and publishing is one of the prominent features of modern social media management tools hub Is one of the main needs of a social media manager. With this feature, you can design and produce your content ahead of schedule and schedule it for the day and time you want to publish automatically.

As a result, you have ample opportunity to focus on the quality of your content. This feature allows you to schedule and publish content for a variety of content in the form of stories, IGTV and album images.

Manage comments: Responding in a timely manner to the comments, questions and suggestions of the audience in the form of comments is another way to increase interaction with the audience and the credibility and popularity of your brand. Using modern tools hub You can view and respond to all comments from social networks connected to this dashboard at once. It is also possible to categorize comments using tag You have the option, and you can also get this information as an Excel file.

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Social network analysis: Analysis of social networks In fact, it includes the analysis of the results of activities and content production in social networks, this feature is a very important capability for social network managers to review the performance and develop a new strategy in social networks. New tools hub Provides users with a set of analyzes in the form of graphs based on important key metrics.

For example for Instagram page analysisIndicators such as the sum of all contacts, the sum of growth FollowersAverage participation and IngimmentThe best time to publish a post by hour is the time to be online FollowersShows the best hashtags and پیشنهاد in the form of charts for consumers.

Social media team management: Naturally If the owner Be a big business and have multiple accounts on different social networks. Managing, producing content and communicating with the audience in a timely manner will be difficult and time consuming, so the ability to add a teammate to the new dashboard hub Allows you to manage your social networks as a group and customize your teammates’ access.

New social network management software hub You can now download it from Google Play and use it to optimally manage your social networks. In addition the web version of the new tool hub It is also available to users to increase the speed and ease of activity on social networks.

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