How to prevent harassment, insults and obscenities on social networks? + Simple solutions

Colonel Ali Mohammad Rajabi, head of the FATA Police Cybercrime Detection and Prevention Center, in an interview with Fars News Agency, referred to the issue of “security solutions in social networks” and said: “Cybercriminals in cyberspace, especially social networks, are a nuisance for users in this area.” Create and commit insults, obscenities and other indecent acts; Therefore, when attending social networks, observing the security points of user accounts is of special importance.

The head of the FATA NAJA Police Cybercrime Detection and Prevention Center stated: In this regard, users should enable two-step authentication and refrain from sharing personal images and information.

He said people should be careful not to respond to messages and calls from anonymous people, watch out for access to information and check privacy and security settings.

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