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Hurricane Nicole claimed 2 lives in Florida

According to IRNA’s report on Friday morning from USA Today, this storm, which has been blowing at a speed of about 200 kilometers (175 miles) per hour since Thursday local time, while shutting down airports and entertainment centers, the power grid of more than 27,000 homes It has cut off housing in this state.

The intensity of the storm Nicole in the city of Orange was so strong that it broke trees and overturned electricity poles, as a result of which 2 people died due to electrocution.

Hurricane Nicole, which was accompanied by heavy rain, caused flooding in southern and southeastern Florida.

Meteorological experts warned the residents of the areas that are in the path of this storm, that their houses may be flooded due to overflowing rivers and floods.

The damage caused by Hurricane Nicole is more severe in coastal areas.

The storm has also damaged the roads of this state and traffic has been disrupted in some areas.

Hurricane Nicole is expected to hit the cities of these areas today (Friday) by moving towards the north of the state of Florida.

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