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Immediate planning is necessary to empower clients in the country – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency, quoting the information base of the presidency, Hojjatoleslam Seyyed Ibrahim Ra’isi said on Saturday, at the same time with the week of benevolence and charity, at the inauguration ceremony of Imam Khomeini’s relief committee: “As an official, it is never acceptable for me.” It is not that a part of the people of our country are helpless in earning a living and the basic issues of their lives, because I do not consider this compatible with the vast capacities that exist in the country.

The President called for the efforts of all revolutionary bodies and institutions for the development and prosperity of the country and said: “It is necessary for all executive bodies and institutions of the Islamic Revolution and charities to put the issue of supporting the vulnerable as a priority and immediately work with jihadists.” Plan and take action to empower these groups.

He pointed out: It is necessary for the Ministry of Welfare, in cooperation with the Imam Relief Committee, the Foundation for the Oppressed, the Executive Headquarters and other institutions of the Islamic Revolution, along with charities and related agencies, to put the issue of poverty and deprivation on their agenda as a priority. Given the country’s capacity, this is easily possible.

Ra’isi emphasized: the existence of deprivation and poverty does not beautify the Islamic system and I believe that with the efforts of everyone, the root of absolute poverty can be dried immediately.

Emphasizing that social and economic systems should be based on justice, the President said: “Poverty and deprivation are basically the product of economic and social injustices, and if the country’s facilities and capacities are distributed fairly, there will be no poverty and deprivation.” Accordingly, from the beginning of the formation of this government, I announced that the people’s government will move and act on the axis of justice.

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Raisi added: “The government, based on justice, intends to develop different parts and regions of the country in a balanced way, and in this regard, next year’s budget has been compiled based on land planning.”

The President said: “The government’s orientation in macroeconomics is also in the direction of eliminating poverty and deprivation in society, and in this regard, it seriously pursued policies such as controlling and reducing inflation.”

Referring to the relationship between benevolence and charity and eliminating deprivation and economic infrastructure activities, Raisi said: “Doing neither of these two tasks takes precedence over the other, and the situation of the poor and deprived can be addressed simultaneously with the implementation of major infrastructure and economic projects.” It is important that it should not be neglected even for a moment.

In another part of his speech, the President praised the valuable efforts of the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee (RA) and pointed to the capabilities of the Intelligent Relief System (SAHA) and said: “This system pays attention to empowering clients while preserving their dignity.” The direction is very valuable. In order to be more efficient, it is necessary to connect this system to other systems in the country so that the affairs of the clients can be done easily.

Hojjatoleslam Ra’isi, emphasizing the government’s efforts to complete e-government and smarten administrative services in the country, said: “Unfortunately, there are backlogs in this field that must be overcome with double action and the smart government must be completed.” In this regard, it is necessary that the systems that have been set up be immediately connected to each other to form a comprehensive intelligent system.

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The President continued his speech by pointing to the need to build housing for the poor and deprived sections of society and noted: The government has promised to build 4 million housing units by 1404, which is also a legal obligation in the Housing Production Leap Law. Therefore, this issue must be done with the cooperation of all sections and revolutionary institutions.

Raisi added: The Ministry of Roads and Urban Development also intends to pursue the construction of a housing unit with the cooperation of different sectors, with priority given to needy and deprived families.

The President further emphasized the importance of empowerment and self-sufficiency of deprived families and said: “The plan of self-sufficiency of deprived families is a lasting measure that is in line with both religious principles and preserving the dignity of families and it is necessary to continue strong programs in this field.” .

The head of the public trust in Imam Khomeini’s relief committee described it as important and valuable and said: “People’s trust in the relief committee, which is increasing day by day, is a very valuable support that must be maintained and strengthened and it is always necessary with ideas.” New, creativity and innovation to strengthen this noble lineage to be the source of many works to alleviate poverty and address the plight of the deprived.

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