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Implementation of travel card plan for the first time in Kurdistan

According to the Aria Heritage report and quoted from the public relations of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Kurdistan Province, Timur Khalidi said on Wednesday, October 19, 1402, in a meeting that was held in the presence of the CEO of Qarz-ul-Hosneh Mehr Bank of Iran and private sector activists of the province, from now on, those interested in traveling and sightseeing can In the form of a travel card, they can get a loan for their trips.

The head of Kurdistan’s tourism services and offices monitoring and evaluation department said: coordination and contract signing between travel and tourism service offices with Iran’s Qarz-ul-Hosneh Mehr Bank is currently underway, which will be finalized soon.

He stated that the purpose of implementing this project is to create social excitement, more prosperity for travel and create a stimulus in the field of tourism and added: When a tourist intends to travel, he should go to the tourism offices of the contracting party with Mehr Bank of Iran to help him. Introduce to the bank.

Khalidi reminded: The payment of this facility is in two forms: travel card and support, which is given to tourists up to 100 million Tomans, and the method of repayment is 6 months and 20 months with an interest rate of 4 percent.

The head of Kurdistan’s tourism services and offices monitoring and evaluation department stated: The contracting party’s bank will respond to the request of the tourist applying for this facility within 5 days.

He stated: Currently, 59 travel and tourism service offices in the province are continuously providing services to domestic and foreign applicants and tourists.

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