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In parting with a man who always had a smile on his face / Why did he stop working? Mehr News Agency Iran and world’s news

Iraj Rad, an actor in theater, cinema and television, told Mehr about his experience working with Hamid Labkhandeh, who said goodbye to Dar Fani yesterday: “I heard the news of Hamid Labkhandeh’s death just a few minutes ago and I am very sorry for his death.” . Hamid Labkhandeh was one of the dear artists who tried to continue his life and artistic work in complete peace for many years without any margins.

He continued: Hamid Labkhandeh worked with Professor Samandarian for many years and was one of the most capable theater artists and had many activities in this field. I collaborated with Hamid Labkhandeh in two series, “In Your Shelter” and “In My Heart”, both of which were successful TV series in their time. Hamid Labkhandeh was an exemplary human being and a capable and valuable artist, both morally and behaviorally. Attending both series and collaborating with Smile is very memorable for me. The calm and camaraderie that existed in the group was exemplary. Hamid, like his name, who was smiling, always had a smile on his face and treated all his agents with sobriety and humanity.

The theater director reminded: Hamid Labkhandeh was one of the artists for whom discipline was important, and these characteristics originated from his theatrical training. All the smiles at work and at work, from the costume and the location to the relationship with the actors and the actors, were taken into account, and I saw very few people with such characteristics during my career. Payments to actors and agents were never deferred, never to be put in a bag, always a week ahead of schedule, and paid with respect to each and every factor.

Rad noted: In the two experiences of working with me with a smile, we did not have any clashes behind the scenes and everything was done in peace. Hamid Labkhandeh was a real human being and always tried to be a theater servant, and after Hamid Samandarian’s death, he took over the management of Samandarian School.

The actor of the play “Undead and Buried Dead” said at the end of his speech: “Smile was a great artist who worked without any margins and I am very sorry for his death.” I have always wondered why directing did not work so successfully and with all its capabilities and knowledge. great blessing and great memory.


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