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“In the shelter of love” hosted Khuzestani teacher / Crossing the river by boat to teach deprived students

According to Fars News Agency, Tariq Echresh, five years ago, in order to keep the students of the village from falling behind in school, suffered daily from traveling from the village where he lives to the village by boat, and recently photos and videos of his daily presence by boat. To reach the village was also reflected a lot.

This young teacher from Khuzestan said last night, May 25, about the challenges of the village where he lives: I was born in a village where I studied until the fifth grade, we did not have a school and I studied in dilapidated rooms and I went to the city for high school and university. I went.
He added: “I studied law and from the beginning I decided to serve in my village if I graduated.” The students also came to our village from the village of Maktou to teach them. The facilities of their village are zero in all respects, they are deprived of school, infrastructure, mosque, health house and everything.
Referring to the difficulties of the presence of students from other villages to his village, this young teacher said: The children came to our village to study by boat until one day a strong wind came and the stream became rough and on the way back home the boat overturned and overturned. And the students are thrown into the river.

He added: “The people came and, thank God, saved all the students, but they said that if we wanted to send these students and they would drown, a whole generation would be destroyed and they would not allow their children to come to our village anymore.”

Referring to the coordination with the education department of the region and the meeting with them, the Khuzestani teacher said: I told the village council and education that I am ready to go to this village, but equipment must be created, which also happened, and one room was provided. And then they set the table and chairs to start the class in the village of “Maktou”.

“There is a danger, but I am ready to make every effort for the success of these students,” he said of the danger of traveling by boat.
The Khuzestani teacher pointed out that there were no facilities in the village and expressed his desire: In this village, the only problem that was solved is the issue of teaching and education and equipping the school, but this village is zero in all respects. There is no health center, no communication route, no welfare and sports facilities, and I have asked the authorities to follow up. Adjacent to this village are two companies, the Sugarcane and Fisheries Company, which has thousands of workers. Can’t they work for 25 families or the heads of these families?
In the end, he said: in this village, everyone is poor and sometimes a student comes and his colleagues gather together to prepare writing for him. These villages have at least 40 kilometers to the first city and have no access to the towers of Irancell and Hamrah Aval at all, and if there is, there is no purchasing power for the phone.
Soodabeh Davaran Daneshmand, Haj Mahmoud Zare Keshavarz Ahl Khair, Mohammad Ghazatloo, hairdresser Cartoon Khoobhaha, Maryam Tajabadi, Wise Lady of the Year and CEO of Danesh Bonyan Company, and Saeed Gholam Hosseini, crisis photographer and founder of water supply to deprived areas were other guests of this program.

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