In which provinces is investment security more secure?

According to Tejarat News, the improper performance of the government, which has been evaluated in the form of various components, is the most important factor that is insecurity. investment Has increased in the fall of 1400 compared to the summer of 1400. The effects of government abuses are repeated in all reports.

the world of economy The current fluctuations in the capital security score show that investment in the country is constantly subject to changes and changes that are beyond the control of private sector actors and investors.

Of course, the reason for reversing the trend of capital security decline in 1400 was that “influence and collusion in office transactions” intensified in the fall of 1400 and increased by about 0.2 units compared to the summer of 1400; A case for much reflection.

Like the two seasons of spring and summer 1400, the most suitable provinces in terms of investment security have been repeated in the monitoring related to the autumn of 1400.

Thus, in the third season of 1400, the title of the most suitable space for investment again reached the provinces of “South Khorasan”, “Semnan” and “Golestan”, respectively, and in contrast, the most unsuitable provinces in terms of investment security in monitoring the fall of 1400, respectively, “Ilam” provinces. “Tehran” and “Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad”.

The situation of these provinces has been evaluated in the fall of 1400, while earlier and in the summer of 1400, Kohgiluyeh, Boyer-Ahmad, Ilam and Tehran provinces, respectively, had the most unfavorable investment security situation.

In the spring of 1400, the most unsuitable provinces in terms of investment security were “Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad”, “Tehran” and “Khuzestan”, respectively.

The accuracy of the various monitoring shows that the recurrence of some provinces is important in terms of the appropriateness or adequacy of the investment security situation and can have implications for the provincial authorities.

What are the components that lead to improper performance recording?

Among the statistical components, the cases including “dispute resolution or arbitration”, “consumer inflation index” and “litigation rate” experienced the worst situation; While the components of “exchange rate stability”, “property disturbance” and “number of accidents resulting in death or injury” were in good condition in the fall of 1400.

Evidence from a report by the House Research Center emphasizes that among the many survey components affecting capital security, the three were the worst possible situation in the fall of 1400.

“Influence and collusion in the transactions of departments” with a score of 8.52, “Action of local officials to the given economic promises” with a score of 8.25 and “Action of national officials on the given promises” with a score of 8.23 ​​with the most inappropriate and worst assessments And indicate the need for government agencies and officials of organizations and institutions under the executive branch to make promises and contracts.

Provincial security analysis for investment

In terms of survey components, in the fall of 1400, the three provinces of “Hormozgan”, “Lorestan” and “Ilam” experienced the worst situation in capital security.

Meanwhile, the three provinces of “South Khorasan”, “Semnan” and “Qazvin” among the 31 provinces of the country have experienced a better situation in this season.

In the summer of 1400, Kohgiluyeh, Boyer-Ahmad, Tehran and Khuzestan provinces had the most unfavorable situation and the provinces of South Khorasan, Semnan and Golestan had the most suitable investment security situation compared to other provinces from the perspective of business activists.

In this sector, Lorestan has experienced the highest seasonal decline among 31 provinces of the country with an increase of 0.40 units in the capital security monitoring score; Meanwhile, Hamedan, with more than 0.30 improvement units, has experienced the best performance in improving its situation among 31 provinces.

From the beginning of 1400 and in the three seasons of spring, summer and autumn, the two provinces of South Khorasan and Golestan have been continuously ranked first and second; But these are the two provinces of Hamedan and North Khorasan that have experienced the most improvement in the first three seasons of 1400.

On the other hand, although Tehran, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad have fully established their position at the bottom of the table, the two provinces of Ilam and East Azerbaijan experienced the worst fall during the three mentioned seasons in 1400 and fell from the middle of the table to the bottom of the table.

By comparing the report of the report during the previous chapters, the situation of the provinces in the previous monitoring compared to the fall of 1400 can be examined and shows interesting information. For example, in the component of the degree of disruption caused by foreign sanctions, the most inappropriate assessment in the summer study of 1399 was related to activists in Gilan province; While for the fall of 1399 monitoring, the most inappropriate evaluation of this component was related to Kurdistan province and in the winter monitoring of 1399 was related to Kermanshah province.

For the spring and summer 1400 monitoring, the participating activists from Kermanshah province again provided the most inappropriate assessment. In the fall of 1400, Kurdistan province has the most inappropriate position in this component.

According to the report, the provinces with the highest rank change in the year ending in the fall of 1400 compared to the year ending in the summer of 1400 are as follows: West Azerbaijan from 17th to 23rd (more inappropriate), Alborz from 28th to 21st (more appropriate) , Hamedan has risen from 20th to 13th (more appropriate) and East Azerbaijan from 22nd to 26th (more inappropriate).

The evaluation report of the economic actors participating in this survey shows that in the autumn study, 1400 acts of influence and collusion in the transactions of offices were evaluated as the most inappropriate component from the perspective of activists in hotels, restaurants, food preparation and distribution.

On the other hand, these assessments show that the prevalence of the distribution of smuggled goods among industry and construction activists has been the most appropriate component.

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