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Increasing dust is a punishment for our actions

According to Moj News Agency, Ali Selajgeh, head of the Environmental Protection Organization, said at the first conference on environmental, industry and green mining challenges, which was held this morning at Tarbiat Modares University: “The environmental challenges we are facing today are a punishment for past performance.” It’s ourselves. An example of this is the dust that closed the capital and affected 25 provinces of the country.

He added: “The expansion of industry in the twentieth century, instead of creating better conditions for humans, caused the destruction of natural resources and the disruption of nature.”

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency, referring to the Supreme Leader’s decree of the year, said: “Our interpretation of naming this year as” knowledge-based and job-creating “is that when knowledge comes, ignorance is removed, and this is in the interest of the environment. Because the knowledge-based approach governs the environment.

Referring to the government’s determination to organize 46 industrial spots around the city of Tehran, Selajgeh stated: “Water and energy consumption by these industries and their waste and effluent output and the pollution it creates in the field of waves and sounds, have created unfavorable conditions.” That needs to be corrected.

The Vice President considered the production of auto parts with technology 30 years ago in East Asia as another cause of environmental pollution and said: “We will no longer allow old and worn-out industries to continue their production under these conditions.”

Emphasizing the need to standardize car fuel, he noted: “Certainly, environmental methods and regulations based on clean air and waste laws, etc. will be updated in accordance with the conditions of today, the world and the country.”

“We are working on these criteria and these criteria are related to several decades ago,” Selajgeh said. Establish the foundation.

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency added: “Unfortunately, our law is not in a good position when it comes to mines.” Article 24 repeatedly invites the Environment Agency to work where mines cause environmental pollution. But we in the Thirteenth Government believe that processes must be controlled before, during and after the operation.

Criticizing the burning of flare gases (torches) as the capital of the country, he said: “We entered the discussion of burning flare gases and fortunately, the cooperation of the Ministry of Oil was excellent and prevented this in several points.”

Referring to the need for employment of natural resources and environment graduates in the country’s industries and mines in the form of HSE, Selajgeh stressed the use of legal capacity in this field.

The Vice President further stated: In the discussion of controlling dust with international interactions and environmental diplomacy, which can even strengthen the country’s political diplomacy, we seek to organize the sources of dust. Accordingly, in July of this year, we will hold a meeting with 15 environment ministers of the region, and we hope that it will lead to good achievements for the region’s environment.

According to the information base of the Environmental Protection Organization, Selajgeh emphasized in the end: “We ask industries and mines to rebuild their knowledge-based companies in the year and use the capacity of knowledge-based companies to do so.”

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