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Instagram and WhatsApp problem solved

Finally, after a few hours, it seems that the problem of Instagram and WhatsApp has been resolved and some users have access to these social networks.

Sky News announced the return of Facebook services and the company’s subsidiaries, namely WhatsApp and Instagram. Finally, after nearly six hours of downtime on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, some users now say they have access to these social networks.

Currently, some users still can not use Instagram and WhatsApp, and even some users have half and half access to Instagram; For example, the story feature is still disabled for most users. But in any case, it seems that the problem for these networks will be solved and users will have access to them over time. Certainly due to the pressure on the server, it may take some time for these social networks to return to normal and all users to be able to access them again; However, it seems that the technical teams of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have managed to solve the problem and bring these social networks back to the Internet.

This article will be updated as more and more information becomes available.

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