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Instagram wants a share of influencers’ income

03 July 1401 at 09:02

Mark Zuckerberg announced that from 2024, part of the influencers’ income on Facebook and Instagram will be allocated to Meta.

Meta has long had an influencer revenue-sharing plan on its agenda, and the tech giant had planned to make up part of the revenue of Instagram and Facebook content creators by 2023, but according to Mark Zuckerberg, the implementation The plan was postponed for a year.

Receive a portion of the influencers’ income by Meta

Income of influencers

Content creators on Instagram and Facebook can earn money through various methods such as paid online events, newsletters and subscriptions. Meta has also recently added more monetization methods to Facebook and Instagram to prevent users from migrating to Tic Tac.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Beta, stated that the company will not start the content distribution plan of content producers until 2024. He added that soon more users will be able to earn money from different sectors such as Rails. In fact, Rails Cash Rewards is one of the ways users earn money that users can earn by sharing their videos on these social networks.

It is worth mentioning that Tik Tak, as a serious and stubborn competitor of Instagram, has been able to attract many users in the past years. In this regard, Meta intends to prevent the migration of content producers to Tic Tac with new measures such as expanding support for NFTs on Instagram.

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