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Intel ARC Alchemist Laptop Graphics Viewed – 512 Xe Cores

Some examples of Intel ARC Alchemist laptop graphics with Xe HPG architecture in Geekbench database by Benchleaks was observed. Blue Team Alchemist graphics for the consumer market will be available in both the desktop and mobile platforms in the first season of 2022, but so far we have seen several revelations of them.

Intel has been testing and evaluating its next-generation graphics on the Rocket Lake, Tiger Lake and Alder Lake platforms, but the latest tests are on the 11th generation Tiger Lake reference platform.

The observed chip uses 512 Xe cores equal to 4096 ALU. Its frequency is 1800 MHz, which is apparently the maximum possible clock so far, but since it is still a prototype, the final version will have a higher frequency thanks to the 6-nanometer TSMC technology.

Intel ARC Alchemist laptop graphics were observed

In terms of performance, this model is 4.5 times better than the previous tested version of the same chip, which is quite clear to what extent the previous model was a primary silicon and used non-optimal drivers. However, the drivers are not yet comparable to the final version, and without any form, performance will improve in the future. At present, however, the 512-core ARC Alchemist chip is more than 88 percent faster than the 256-core model previously unveiled.

Intel ARC Alchemist Laptop Graphics

The fact that Intel used a Tiger Lake platform (laptop) for testing is somewhat significant. This may mean that the blue team introduces ARC Alchemist graphics initially with Tiger Lake H notebooks, but at the same time we may only use this platform for evaluation and see the presence of Alder Lake H chips in the final version. This is not clear at this time, but if Alder Lake notebooks are released in the second or third quarter of 2022, then the Tiger Lake H with ARC Alchemist graphics is a short-term solution.

Performance, however, is still much worse than AMD and Nvidia graphics. The flagship model offers the same performance as the Radeon RX 500 and GeForce GTX 1650 series, which are very old cards. Of course, as we said, the ARC Alchemist line-up is a few months away from release, and by then we will expect a lot of optimizations.

Graphics model name Number of executive units Number of shading units
Memory size Memory bus Power
Xe-HPG 512EU Alchemist-512EU 512 4096 16/8 GB
256 bits 275 watts?
Xe-HPG 384EU Alchemist-384EU 384 3072 12/6 GB
192 bits Unknown
Xe-HPG 256EU Alchemist-384EU 256 2048 8/4 GB
128 bits Unknown
Xe-HPG 192EU Alchemist-384EU 192 1536 4 GB
128 bits Unknown
Xe-HPG 128EU Alchemist-128EU 128 1024 4 GB
64 bits Unknown
Xe-HPG 96EU Alchemist-128EU 86 768 4 GB
64 bits 120 watts?

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