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Intensification of supervision over residential and service centers / 24-hour response 099629 system

Yahya Naghizadeh Mahjoub, the head of the supervisory committee of the Central Headquarters for Travel Services Coordination, said in an interview with Heritage Aria reporter; “In all provinces, the committee of the executive staff of travel services has been activated and is ready to investigate the issues and complaints of travelers.”

Referring to the intensification of monitoring of service, accommodation and hospitality centers, he added: “It’s ready to respond to and register passenger complaints these days.”

Naghizadeh Mahjoub stated: “Passengers can register and inform through the announced system in case of any violations in tourist centers and facilities.”

He added: “In order to satisfy the dear passengers, we will try to quickly investigate the registered complaints and, if necessary, send monitoring representatives to the place.”

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