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Introducing the exclusive Eve Home Security Camera for outdoor use

Following the HomeKit-enabled built-in camera, Eve unveiled a new outdoor version. The company claims that Outdoor Cam was the first floodlight camera to be made exclusively for HomeKit.

The Outdoor Cam uses HomeKit Secure Video, and when it detects an activity, you’ll receive a notification for the iPhone. Uses intelligence on Apple TV or HomePod to automatically record movements and can detect differences between people, vehicles, pets and packages. Eve says that like her other products, this camera is designed with data security in mind. Recordings are stored in iCloud and you can view them for up to 10 days via the Home app on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Encryption is everywhere, so only the owner can see live videos and recordings.

The camera can record 1080p video at 24 frames per second and has a 157-degree field of view and two-way audio communication. The Outdoor Cam can detect motion up to 30 feet away through infrared night vision. This is not the only outdoor camera that works with HomeKit Secure Video. The Netatmo outdoor camera does the same. However, it is interesting to see a smart security camera that needs Apple devices to work. You can get the Eve Outdoor Cam on April 5 from Eve and Amazon. Apple will sell the camera for $ 250 at a later date.

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