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Introducing the special programs of the Nasim network for the month of Muharram – Mehr News Agency Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr news agency, citing the public relations of Nasim network, during the days of mourning for the leader of the martyrs, Abba Abdullah al-Hussein, peace be upon him, Nasim network will broadcast new production programs, including “From the Story”, “Talk to Hussein (PBUH)”, “Nasim Ava” and Also, the series “Marzieh”, “Love Qab”, “Muharram Documentary”, “Nasima” and “Here in Iran Documentary” has been placed in the conductor of the first decade of Muharram.

The program “From History” produced by Mohsen Najafi Solari and directed by Mohammad Pahandi with the performance of a young singer will be aired on the Nasim channel on the first night of Muharram, Tuesday, July 27 at 21:30.

The program “From History” is a narration of 25 stories by ordinary people of the society, each story has a message and is followed up in 2 nights. In the first night, a man narrates his story from the text of society; A story that reaches an important and fateful 2-way at the end of the program, and on the second night of each story, a party of people from different fields of music, cinema, politics, sports, praise, etc., sit on the guest’s chair to In the first step, watch an excerpt from last night’s story, but the challenge of this program is where people are in a situation called a dilemma.

The ninth season of the program “Talk to Hossein (PBUH)” with a new format and content, produced by Mohammad Hossein Taqvai, will be aired every night starting Muharram at 20:00 on the Nasim channel. The new season of this program has tried to understand that anyone can establish their emotional and linguistic connection with Imam Hussain (a.s.).

The series “Marzieh” is written and directed by Flora Sam and produced by Majid Oji, produced in 2018, and is broadcasted on Nasim channel every Tuesday at 20:30 during the days of Muharram.

The story of the series is about a big embezzlement and economic corruption that affects Marzieh’s family (played live by Yad Mahchehra Khalili) and puts her in situations where she is forced to make choices and decisions.

Actors including Gohar Khairandish, Dariush Arjamand, Pejman Bazghi and Atila Pesiani have played roles in this series.

“Naseem Ava” produced and performed by Mohammad Reza Mohebi, with a review of Ashurai and Hosseini sounds, is broadcast every night at 11:00 pm on Nasim channel.

The “Qab Ashaghi” program, produced by Masoud Najafi, examines a movie related to Ashura and Qiyam Hosseini every night with the presence of actors, including the director and producer, and is broadcasted on this channel at 18:30.

Also, the supporting programs of the documentary “Moharram” every night at 22:30, the documentary “Inja Iran” at 23:30, and the hidden camera program “Nasima” at 19:30 are aired on the Nasim network.

“Event Assembly” is also a prestigious production of Nasim network, which is being filmed these days; A special program about Ta’ziyeh with the performance of one of the composers named Kishore, which will be prepared for broadcast in the month of Safar.

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