Introduction of car 45 and car services throughout Iran

Startup Khodro 45 offers various services with a secure and expert transaction approach. In this article, we intend to introduce car startup 45 and its services. If you also need help and expertise to buy and sell your car, stay with us until the end of this article.

Internet car and online transactions

In recent years, with the advancement of technology, human life has undergone significant changes. This progress has always been in the direction of simplifying some tasks that may take a lot of human time. Therefore, in order to achieve this, an attempt has been made to prepare a platform for providing online services.

Today, buying and selling tools is very simple and done online. But when that device is too expensive, it is no longer simply selling clothes or cheaper goods. For example, buying and selling a car online can have many advantages and disadvantages. Because of the changes in currency prices and, of course, the scams that may occur, many people may not be willing to do so.

Buying a used car, in particular, can be fraught with challenges. So they get help from old-fashioned methods and car companies. In this regard, Startup Khodro 45 has solved this problem by defining its safe and guaranteed services. We will discuss this issue in more detail below.

Car Website 45

Car Website 45 It can be used as a source to know the current price of the car and view expert and fairly priced ads. Also, in each ad, the complete specifications of the car, measured by 45 car experts, are specified. So applicants can easily view all the car information on one page. Also, photos of the car are taken from every angle and are in the ad. In the following, we will deal with the process of buying and selling cars by this startup.

Selling a used car

One of the most important services of 45 used car sales is that once you visit one of the branches of this company, you can sell your car at the best price in a short time. But how does this work? A person who wants to sell his car must first register his request on the company’s website. He will then be contacted and then he can go to the nearest 45 car branch at the appointed time with the car he intends to sell.

There, the necessary expertise, including technical and visual expertise, is done with great care and using digital tools. According to the company, 145 parts of the car are inspected by advanced tools. The car is also photographed from all angles. Finally, a ride test is performed to check the suspension and the final technical inspection.

Send technical report to buyers

In the next stage of selling the second-hand car, that is, after reviewing and examining the car and determining the agreed price, the advertisement and the complete report of the car will be sent to the buyers of the company. Finally, the transaction is done with the highest price and agreement of the parties. The steps of document transfer will be done by this company in the safest possible way and immediate payment will be done. One of the most important features of this process is that all these steps are performed at high speed.

Buy a used car

So far, you are familiar with the process of selling a used car. But car service 45 also includes buying a used car. To do this, as mentioned at the beginning, applicants can check the ads on the site, select the appropriate items and then submit their application. Note that the applicant must be registered on the site to submit a purchase request.

Now you know that if you apply for a car, the car you want is the best expert and all the necessary checks have been done on it. One of the features of the car is 45 instant car delivery. This is an important advantage for those for whom the speed of the transaction is important.

Benefits of using a car 45


Fair price

Immediate and easy sales

Ease of transaction

Secure the deal

Full car bachelor

Instant delivery

Instant settlement


As you have read, the car has created 45 beds for buying and selling second-hand cars and cars in general, where transactions are done fairly and in safe conditions. Applicants can also easily sell their car once and go through the rest of the process quickly.

Instant settlement is also done after the transaction and the agreement of the parties. It is also possible to buy a car on the startup’s website, and people can easily check the specifications and submit their request. You can also find out the daily prices of the car on the company’s website.

This article is an ad report and has not been produced by the online economics editorial team.


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