Zionist Network: The UAE opposes the isolation of Iran and the use of the military option against it

According to Fars News Agency’s International Group, Hebrew news sources on Saturday criticized the UAE for not cooperating with the Zionists for military action against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

News Agency Sputnik Quotes from the network ۱۲ The UAE opposes Zionist attempts to “use the military option against Iran,” the Zionist regime reported; However, Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv have normalized their relations.

“The Arab state, with which Israel has established warm relations following the Ibrahim deal, now says that a military threat is not the way to engage with Iran,” the network said.

According to the network, the UAE and the Zionist regime are related in the fields of tourism, trade and even security, but the UAE showed that “normalization of relations does not mean military cooperation between Israel and the United States in attacking Iran.” .

According to the report, despite this cooperation, “Abu Dhabi avoids direct military threats when it comes to more sensitive areas (Iran’s nuclear case).”

“We must avoid a major conflict that could involve the United States or other countries in the region,” Anwar Gargash, a diplomatic adviser to the UAE president, told an international conference a few weeks ago. It is in our interest to prevent this in any way. “We try to have networks and communication channels with all countries, even with countries with which we have differences.”

“In addition to fleeing threats or military pressure, the UAE is not even willing to take part in imposing political or economic isolation on Iran,” the Zionist Channel 12 reported.

According to the network, a few days before the first visit of the Israeli Prime Minister to the UAE and at the same time as rumors were heard about alternative diplomacy options in dealing with Iran, “when Sheikh Tahnoon bin Zayed, the UAE national security adviser to meet with Ali Shamkhani and [سید ابراهیم] “Raisi traveled to Tehran, another implicit message arrived from Abu Dhabi.”

According to the report, Tahnoon’s visit to Iran “explained the fact that despite the tensions between the UAE and Iran since the normalization agreement with Israel, relations between the two neighboring countries are strong and stable.”

In this regard, Yakov Amidror, the Israeli security adviser in Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet, stressed that the Zionist regime and the United States have no military option against Iran (more details).

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