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According to Tejarat News, Exchange Beginning in 1401, it began its upward trend and grew by more than seven percent in the first week alone. This index growth continues to fluctuate. Also in the past week, the total stock index grew by about 3.99%.

A review of financial market returns shows that Capital Market In the first month of the new century, with a figure of 12.43%, it recorded the highest return compared to other financial markets.

The stock exchange ended March 1400 at the level of one million and 345 thousand and 30 thousand units. Meanwhile, the total index of the stock exchange on the last working day of April was 1,512,219 units. These figures mean a growth of 12.43% of the total index.

Experts say the capital market was the most profitable of the financial markets in 1401, and this is a strong signal for investment. This means that in times of inflation and sanctions, this market can have the highest and best returns if there is no systematic risk to the stock market.

Will the stock index increase?

Amir Nadiri, a capital market expert, says: “If the government does not impose a new risk on the market, it seems that the stock market will continue its upward trend.” The capital market has experienced a good trend since the beginning of 1401 and the value and volume of transactions as well as the inflow of real money are increasing.

On the other hand, Amir Toutchipour states that the capital market can have a balanced and sometimes upward trend this week.

Iman Raisi also finds market forecasting a bit difficult this week and explains: Small symbols that have fundamental potential and lag behind market growth can be considered by the market.

With these interpretations, it seems that the stock market will experience a balanced upward trend this week.

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