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Invitation of 17 players to the third camp of the national beach soccer team

According to Fars sports reporter, the third training camp of the national beach soccer team will be held in Bandar Bushehr from January 17 to 24, 1401 with the participation of 17 players to prepare for the Asian Championship and World Cup qualifiers.

The names of the invited players are as follows:

Mohammad Ali Mokhtari, Mehdi Shirmohammadi, Hamid Behzadpour, Mohammad Moradi, Mohammad Masoumizadeh, Ali Mirshkari, Abbas Rezaei, Reza Amirizadeh, Seyed Ali Nazem, Seyed Mehdi Mirjalili, Amirhossein Akbari, Mohammad Javad Khosravi, Muslim Mesigar, Subhan Faleh, Reza Deiri, Mohed Mohammadpour. Mohammad Ali Nazarzadeh

The Asian Championship and World Cup 2023 qualifiers will be held in Thailand from March 26, 1401 to April 6, 1402.
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