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IPhone 14 may not be equipped with 3nm chip due to TSMC problems

By migrating from Intel processors to its proprietary silicones in Macs, Apple has become more dependent on TSMC, and the Taiwanese company supplies almost all of the chips needed by Cupertino. Now a new report says that TSMC is struggling with problems in the production process of 3-nanometer chips, which will result in the iPhone 14 not using the 3-nanometer chip.

The newly introduced iPhone 13 series handsets use the A15 Bionic chip, which is produced with 5-nanometer lithography. TSMC is now moving to 3nm lithography, but apparently has a problem with that.

According to a new report «The InformationTSMC problems cause the iPhone to be equipped with the same lithography chip for the third year in a row. If we encounter such a situation, it will happen for the first time.

IPhone 14 may not be equipped with 3nm chip due to TSMC problems 2

Despite such reports, TSMC is expected to achieve 3nm lithography sooner than its competitors such as Qualcomm. There has been a report in the past that Apple will use 3-nanometer chips in some of its products in 2022, but a recent report has a different view.

There is a close financial connection between TSMC and Apple, and a large portion of TSMC’s revenue comes from the Cupertinos. TSMC’s revenue from Apple has more than doubled since the start of the partnership. This has led Taiwanese to treat Apple differently and to prioritize Cupertino orders. In general, there is a positive relationship between these companies.

If Apple could use a 3nm chip in the iPhone 14, the chip would be more powerful and consume less power. The Cupertinos can reduce the size of this chip or increase its power by the same dimensions as its current generation. However, we still do not know if the 2022 iPhones will be equipped with a 3nm chip.

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