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Iran Insurance paid the benefits of investing in life insurance

According to the monetary financial news, Fatemeh Brahman, Director General of Insurance of Iran Insurance Persons, in order to make insurance operations transparent and protect the rights of her insurers, issued a circular to all executive units: The rate of return (definitive profit) of investments made From the place of mathematical reserves, life insurance policies in the years 1393 to 1399 have been considered as participation in benefits in insurance policies.

According to the public relations of Iran Insurance, Brahman also stated regarding informing the insurers: For each of the life insurers whose insurance policy has been issued after 12/1/91, a text message informing the amount Contribution to accrued benefits will be submitted. Due to the fact that the mobile phone number of the insurers whose life insurance policies were issued before 12/1/91, does not exist in the company’s database or is not correct, this group of insurers should know the amount of participation. In the interests of their insurance policies, refer to the offices of the representatives issuing the same insurance policy.

He pointed out: Insurers can enter the “My Iran Insurance” system at using their national code and mobile number to view participation in the benefits added to their insurance policy. And view the latest status of the redemption value of their insurance policy, taking into account the participation in the allocated benefits.

Also, the beneficiaries of those individual life insurance policies whose insurance policy was terminated, repurchased or received damages from Iran Insurance Company during the years 1393 to 1399, can refer to any of them. From branches and executive units across the country, to receive the amount of participation in their interests.

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