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Iran and Russia agree to jointly build 20 ships

According to Fars news agency, citing the public relations of the shipping group of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the presidents of the two countries of Iran and Russia yesterday emphasized in a telephone conversation on the expansion of trade relations and economic cooperation between the countries, that in this regard, an agreement between the shipping of the Islamic Republic of Iran And the North-South Corridor Convergence Club in Russia under the leadership of the representative of the President of Russia was signed for the construction and purchase of 20 General Cargo ships.

Based on this, the parties agreed to launch a joint company for the purchase and construction of vessels, to transport goods in the North-South and East-West transit corridors from the origin and to the destinations of all Russian ports.

Also, according to this agreement, providing the required cargo from the sources and to the desired destinations of the shipping group and using the capacities and resources of the parties in order to carry out combined transportation, purchase and construction of ships will be on the agenda.

This agreement, which was drawn up with an emphasis on the development of freight operations in the form of a north-south corridor, was signed by the CEO of the group today on the sidelines of an exhibition called “Kazan Forum” which is an exhibition for the supply of halal products and a kind of cooperation between Islamic countries. Shipping of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Ramzan Abdulatipov, the representative of the President of Russia and the head of the North-South Corridor Convergence Club, arrived.

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