The famous German became cheaper by 400 million + price table

By reading the table below, complete information about Daily price of all kinds of Benz cars You will get it in the market

The market price of Benz cars
brandmodel (year of manufacture)Performance (km)price (tomans)
Class E E2002018 | 1 keyZero16,400,000,000
Class E E2002017 | 4 keys with Barmaster audio systemZero16,100,000,000
Class E E2002017 | 3 keysZero14,900,000,000
Class E E2002017 | 2 keysZero14,400,000,000
Class E E2002017 | 1 keyZero13,500,000,000
Class E E2002017 | No keyZero12,500,000,000
Source: Bama

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