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Iran national volleyball team loses to Bulgaria – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr reporter, in the first match of the second week, which will be hosted by the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, the Iranian national volleyball team played against the host team this Tuesday evening and lost 2: 0.

In this match, the Iranian national team tried hard to get at least one set from the opponent, but failed to do so and suffered another defeat.

The first day of the second week of the qualifying round of the 2022 Nations League in the men’s group today (Tuesday, June 21) was followed by four matches in the cities of Quezon, Philippines and Sofia, Bulgaria.

In the fourth and last match today, which was held in the 12,000-seat “Arena Armat” hall in Sofia, the two national volleyball teams of Iran and Bulgaria competed against each other, and the Bulgarians won 3-0 with scores of 25-19, 25-23 and 26-24. They won, and the encouragement of the Bulgarian spectators played an important role in the team’s victory, so that the referees of the match were also affected by their presence in a few points, and with the protest of the Iranian team, the first referee was forced to take a video check.

Behrouz Ataei, the head coach of the Iranian national volleyball team, used the lineup of Amir Hossein Esfandiar, Morteza Sharifi, Mehdi Jelveh, Amir Hossein Tokhteh, Mohammad Taher Wadi, Amin Esmailnejad and Mohammad Reza Hazratpour at the beginning of the match.

In the first set, the first points went to the Bulgarian team and the Iranian team did not perform well in the opponent’s defense, so that the defense did not lead to a score equal to this team. In the first set, the two teams scored 13 points in attack, but the performance of the Bulgarians was accompanied by one point of defense and two points of service, so that in the end, this set was 25 to 19 in favor of Bulgaria. Amir Reza Sarlak, Ali Ramezani and Berdia Saadat also played in the first set

In the second set, the Iranian team had a better start and was 16 points ahead of the opponent, but the Bulgarians tied the game in this point. In this set, the Iranian team gained two points of defense and from 20 to 19 points, Milad Ebadipoor, the captain of the Iranian team, also entered the field. In this set, the Bulgarians also gained three service points to get a total of two direct five points from the service.

The first point of the third set also went to Bulgaria. The competition between the two teams in this set went very close to each other and the two teams were equal in 14 and 21 points. But in the end, the set ended 26-24 in favor of Bulgaria so that the team could achieve its first victory in the 2022 Nations League at home.

Georgi Saganov, Alexander Nikolov, Nikolai Kulf, Radoslav Paraponov, Martin Atanasov and Osotolav Gotsev were the players of the Bulgarian team at the beginning of the match, who were in the six areas of the team, and Vladislav Ivanov was the libero of the team. The Bulgarian team was led by Nikolai Jilazkov.

Belgium’s Cambre Wim was the first referee, Bosnia’s Ouka Sinisa was the second referee and Herzegovin was the second referee.

Two thousand spectators watched the match between Iran and Bulgaria in Arena Armat, more than 50 of whom were Iranians living in Bulgaria.

Also, about 200 special guests at the invitation of the Bulgarian Federation, among the famous athletes and well-known figures of this country, watched the game from the sidelines.

The Iranian men’s volleyball team will play against the United States in their second match in the second week of the League of Nations at 9:30 PM on the second Thursday of July.

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