Iranian Foreign Ministry: The US government is not a supporter, but a major violator of human rights

According to Fars News Agency’s Foreign Policy Group, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran issued a statement on the occasion of the American Human Rights Reading Week (July 6-12).

“The protection of human rights has always been one of the most important slogans and claims of US officials in the international system,” the statement said. Government policy is a gross and systematic violation of human rights. The United States considers the use of economic means to pressure politically independent countries to be a clear example of human rights violations and the use of economic terrorism to achieve political goals. He believes that this issue has also posed complex challenges to well-known human rights norms and frameworks.

* Iran is one of the countries most strongly influenced by the US instrumental use of human rights

The statement added: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the countries most strongly affected by the US instrumental use of human rights and the imposition of unilateral coercive sanctions by the US has become a tool to violate the natural and legal rights of the Iranian people, including the right to life and health.” And health, the right to adequate living standards, the right to education and access to knowledge and technology, the right to development, and the gross violation of the rights of women, children, the elderly and people with disabilities.

The statement said: endangering food security, non-cooperation of companies supplying medical and health goods and equipment with Iranian companies, disrupting the purchase of drugs for rare and acute diseases, banning Iranian researchers and physicians from accessing medical resources on servers National Library of Medicine (NLM) and (Pubmed), especially in the days of the Corona virus outbreak, sanctions on the aviation industry and aircraft parts that have seriously endangered the flight safety of Iranian passenger aircraft, lack of access to the international financial system, disruption of payment systems and Refusal of foreign companies to accept foreign exchange guarantees issued by Iranian banks, double economic pressure on working women and heads of households, reduced purchasing power of the elderly and problems of people with physical and mental disabilities in accessing appropriate medicines and medical equipment, assistive and rehabilitation are just a few examples. Numerous cases of human rights violations by the Iranian people stem from unilateral US sanctions.

The statement added: “Furthermore, the Iranian people are not the only nation that has been harmed by the dual standards of human rights and systematic human rights violations by the United States, which claims to be:

1. Within the United States, there is no targeted monitoring of violations of the rights of minorities such as Muslims and people of color, and hatred is widely pursued by officials and the police;

2. It is the largest supporter of the Israeli occupation regime, which, through its material and non-material support of the regime, provides the basis for the continuation of human rights violations in the occupied territories;

3. The oppressed and defenseless people of Yemen are daily targeted by American weapons sold for financial and commercial purposes to the aggressor and warring countries, while opposing any end to the crisis in this country;

4. Using the two concepts of human rights and counterterrorism as a tool, the United States has physically eliminated the greatest celebrities and heroes of the fight against terrorism, the latest example of which is the cowardly assassination of Sardar Soleimani by the US government in 2020. .

* The US government is not a supporter, but a major violator of human rights

The statement said: “As emphasized by the thematic rapporteurs of the UN Human Rights Council, the assassination of Sardar Soleimani is considered an arbitrary violation of the right to life and is contrary to the provisions of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Declaration.” Universal is human rights. Based on what has been said and for a number of other reasons that are being added to every day, the Islamic Republic of Iran has once again condemned the political approach to human rights and the application of double human rights standards by the United States and does not support this government. Recognizes the great violation of human rights and emphasizes the role of international human rights organizations and organizations in combating this blatant violation of the fundamental rights of independent nations.

It is worth mentioning that this week, during the years after the Islamic Revolution, direct and indirect crimes were committed by the US-led global arrogance against the Iranian nation, including the failed assassination of the Supreme Leader on July 27, 1981, the July 27 incident and the bombing. In the meeting hall of the Islamic Republic Party and the martyrdom of Ayatollah Beheshti and 72 officials and personalities of our country, the chemical bombing of Sardasht, the assassination of Shahid Kachuei, the head of Evin Prison, the assassination of Ayatollah Sadoughi, the Friday prayer leader of Yazd, and the terrorist operation Air pointed to the azure waters of the Persian Gulf.

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