Saipa Company supports car production in the private sector

According to Eqtesadonline, the CEO of Saipacitroen, referring to Saipa’s special support for car production in the private sector, said: The process of painting the body in Saipacitroen using water-based paints is done in accordance with the latest technology in the automotive industry.

Majid Fahimeh Amiri, emphasizing the high potential and capability of Cypacitroen’s expert staff, said: “This project will be carried out in the paint hall and using the existing capacities of production lines during the week, which due to high productivity, suitable added value for both companies.” Will have.

He noted: “The benefits of this contract include reducing the cost of production in the private sector, reducing the outflow of currency from the country and synergy of capabilities in different sectors of both companies.”

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