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Mehr News Agency, International Group: Democracy in the 21st century is still a strange and abandoned concept because if it is based on democracy, regardless of which nation a nation survives under, it must do so without insisting on imposing the case model. Confirmation Self, depending on mood, mirrors and علقه Hi Wishing the best destinies for that nation.

On this account, it is completely undemocratic to measure the different political systems of the world by a single criterion and scale, or to examine different political civilizations from a single point of view.

So what happens to those who claim to use the word “democracy”, depending on their own interests, question the elected political system of some nations and even seek to dictate their so-called democratic form at the cost of creating war and chaos?

The Islamic Republic of Iran has faced this challenge many times in the past 43 years and may have been ridiculed and criticized by government systems, which, according to history, has a dubious dignity. Their widespread propaganda, which seeks to overthrow the Iranian regime, is like a magnifying glass that, by magnifying the negative characteristics, prevents the superficial eye from seeing the system of positive characteristics from which the system derives its power.

Hazrat Ayatollah Khamenei Oh you The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in his orders on April 13, 1401, among the characteristics that make it enjoyable to watch the Iranian system of power, including security, scientific progress, innovation and diplomacy, also mentioned the index of ease of the country’s current management and enumerated The managerial problems of other countries, including early elections, annulment of elections, and the like, emphasize the importance of such a feature Oh you Emphasized.

Interestingly, the rhythm of democracy in some of these seemingly civilized countries emerges from the tin drum of claims that contemporary history has proven to be false.

America; Scandal 2020

Of all those who criticize the management of the Islamic Revolution, the United States claims the most and, of course, has less credibility with Iran and Iranians, so much so that if it were a matter of learning from the times, after the 2020 election scandal, the government Washington no longer used the word democracy and slapped it on other nations.

Former US President Donald Trump disagrees with the transfer of peace آيز The power and attack of his supporters on Congress was seen by many politicians as a blow to the face of American democracy, while those who were bolder described it as the beginning of the decline of US hegemony.

Still, for fun های The White House, which underestimates the memory of nations, did not learn from this disgrace to withdraw from interfering in the affairs of other countries.

The Arab world; From unfamiliarity with the ballot box to the election stalemate

The pace of democracy in some of these seemingly civilized countries emerges from the tin drum of claims that contemporary history proves to be false. This is not the first time that the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution has questioned the enemies of the regime’s familiarity with the principle of democratic elections, which ends with the coming to power of sympathetic officials. On June 17, 1400, he expressed his surprise that in the middle of the 21st century, some countries are governed as tribes and said: The smell of elections has not reached these countries and their people do not know the difference between a ballot box and a fruit ballot box.

The irony is that countries with these characteristics, of which Saudi Arabia is certainly one, have media outlets that try to make Iran undemocratic by making costly programs during the Iranian election season.

Meanwhile, the Zionist regime, which is mistakenly considered by the Americans to be “the only democracy” in the Middle East, has exacerbated its mismanagement to the point where the coalition cabinet “Naftali بنتHe came to power less than a year ago after four failed parliamentary elections Giri Two members of the coalition party are on the verge of collapse.

Unfortunately, mismanagement in the transfer of power has gripped some friendly countries, so much so that today in Iraq, despite six months after the elections, we are facing a political stalemate and lack of consensus to form a coalition government, and even rumors of early elections. It is also relevant whether Lebanon finally, after 13 months of uncertainty, in September 1400, gave a vote of confidence to Najib Mikati’s cabinet, while this country in the middle of the month می Miladi is facing new parliamentary elections and fears that powerful political parties will try to delay the financial crisis by maneuvering.

Iran; Neighbors who دلشوره have

Disruption in election management and concerns about the transfer of peace آيز Power is not limited to Iraq, and Iran’s other neighbors are struggling with it. If you look at Afghanistan, which has no official government at all Poushi do; It is Pakistan’s turn that since the independence from Britain in 1947, none of the prime ministers هایش Has not completed a full five years of service اند And the military has been involved in overthrowing three civilian governments. Ironically, less than a week ago, the same fate befell former Prime Minister Imran Khan, who replaced Shahbaz Sharif after a no-confidence vote in parliament. Regardless of the strategic alliance between the Muslim League and the People’s Party that led to the overthrow of Imran Khan, the two parties have always been serious rivals in Pakistan’s political disputes. اند This will make it possible for the coalition government to fail and hold early elections.

The situation in Turkey, Iran’s neighbor, is no better than this, despite the apparent stability of the Ankara government, and in the scenario of the ruling Justice and Development Party, which is facing a decline in public popularity these days, we see the government’s maximum effort to change the constitution again. According to the Turkish constitution, the president can only hold the presidency for two consecutive terms. As a result, Rajab Tayyab Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan may need to hold an early election to stay in power.

It is from reflection on all these examples that one can realize the depth of the Supreme Leader’s orders, especially where, referring to the popular current of the Islamic Iran administration, they say: Here, in spite of all hostilities, things proceeded legally, in the right way. And as a result, these are important indicators for the work of the country. Compare these with some other countries, then it becomes clear how important these are.

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