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Mehr news agency, province group: Years since the construction of the five thousand stadium no one The stream is passing and the friends of the city are waiting for the day when the red ribbon of this hall will be cut and with the establishment of the world and Asian championships, Iran will resound in the stadium of this city. size do

Although the construction process of this important sports project has been growing over the past two years with the injection of funds from the government, it still requires special and large funds to complete it.

Joibar, which single-handedly carries Iran’s and the world’s ships and has single-handedly created as many medals for Iranian ships as many countries in the world, needs national support to complete this global project.

Athletes and names Avran Many worlds have grown up in Joibar and the sport of wrestling is going on in every street and neighborhood of this bustling city.

Ali Yazdani, one of the residents and wrestlers of Joibar, stated that Joibar is famous for wrestling and there is a wrestler in every house. .

In a conversation with Mehr’s reporter, he stated that Joibar’s right to have several wrestling halls is standard, and he reminded that there is currently a 2,500-person wrestling hall in the city, which does not meet the needs.

Now only a 2500 stadium no one There is

Mohammadi is a citizen Jubiari Stating that with the completion of the 5,000 seat Joibar stadium, this city will be able to host world and Asian competitions, he said: Joibar’s right in wrestling is not hidden from anyone and the authorities should have more special support for it.

The right of the stream in the sport of wrestling is not hidden from anyone, and the authorities should have more special support for it

He stated that the heroes and names Avran Joibar reached the heights of honor with the least facilities, he said: strengthening the infrastructure and sports facilities in this city, which is called the wrestling capital of the world, is mandatory and half work Being a beautiful stadium is not the sport of the country.

Joibaris have a high contribution in the sport of wrestling in Iran and the world, in the 2012 London Olympics due to the presence of Reza Yazdani, Masoud Ismailpour and Kamil Ghasemi in the national freestyle wrestling team from this city as The most Olympic The world city was mentioned.

This city has medal fighters Bring Like Hassan Yazdani, Hajizadeh, Kamil Ghasemi, Reza Yazdani and others, it hosted the world wrestling competitions in 2013 and was named as the wrestling capital of Iran and the world by FILA.

The wrestling capital of Iran wishes for world and Asian competitions

Kamal Rostamali, governor of Joibar, also about the Panj Hezar Stadium no one The wrestling of this city, pointing out that Juibar is known as the wrestling capital of the world, and so far hundreds of wrestlers in different categories from children to adults have been introduced to this sport. areadded: Some athletes are holders of world and Olympic medals.

The completion of the stadium project is a long-standing demand of Joybaris

In a conversation with Mehr reporter, referring to the presence of champion coaches and wrestlers in Joibar, he added: the five-thousand-seat wrestling hall can do more than any other place in this city. Fruitful Be and this project Part of Long-standing wishes and demands are considered to be the right of the people of Joibar.

He stated that until 1400 and before the visit of the president, with the follow-ups of the governor of Mazandaran, the whole project had 10% physical progress, and with the visit of the president and the presence of the minister of sports and youth and special follow-up during the visit of the president, 70 billion tomans were allocated to this project. Is.

Rostamali said: This project has 50% physical progress and the roof of the project will be completed in the next few days and this project is working and Basij Construction as the contractor is progressing the project well.

Governor Joibar said: We hope in the second visit of the president Part of Travel projects should be placed because it requires credit to complete this important project and with the opening of this hall, witness competitions between international We will be great in it.

Completion of half gym work Joibar is considered more than ever as a demand of the people of the city, and they expect that this long-standing demand will be taken into consideration during the second visit of the government delegation and the president, and with the completion of the credit, the capital will be honored. the sitters May the ship of the world continue.

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