Is Rostam Ghasemi’s resignation true? – Tejarat News

According to Tejarat News, some informed sources from the Islamic Council of the Islamic Council are announcing the resignation of Rostam Ghasemi, the Minister of Roads and Urban Development of the 13th government.

The follow-up of Tejaratnews regarding the news that was published this morning indicates that the resignation of the Minister of Roads and Urban Development has been submitted to the government. Some sources from Assembly They implicitly confirmed this news and considered the recent scandals as the main reason for this resignation.

Of course, it seems that other things, including the very slow progress of the National Housing Movement plan, which was the main promise of the president in the election, also had a great impact on Ghasemi’s decision. Of course, the news sources of Tejarat News pointed to his fatigue and considered the main reason for this decision of the current Minister of Roads and Urban Development to be rational.

Of course, whispers about the impeachment of Rostam Ghasemi were heard in Baharestan, but none of the representatives confirmed it.

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