Is the impeachment of the Minister of Silence in favor of the stock exchange?

According to Tejarat News; Tehran Stock Exchange ended today’s trading with green signs as yesterday Interpellation of the Minister of Silence Receipt was announced in the Islamic Consultative Assembly. Automakers’ stocks stabilized in the market with a significant jump during trading. According to many shareholders, this incident is a positive reaction to the news of the impeachment of Seyed Reza Fatemi Amin in parliament.

Tehran Stock Exchange ended its work today, Monday, June 20, 1401, with green signs. The total index of the stock exchange was accompanied by a growth of 1286 and ended the trading in the range of 1,547,000 units. The homogeneous index, following the total growth index, experienced 1223 units and stabilized in the range of 426 thousand units.

The value of stock exchange and OTC transactions was not much different from the previous day and ended in the same range of four thousand billion tomans.

From the impeachment of Minister Samat to Ghorbanzadeh’s letter

As expected, the stock market reaction to the announcement of the receipt Interpellation of the Minister of Silence It was positive. The trend of stock market fluctuations during the day indicates an atmosphere of optimism among market participants. Many car shareholders today saw their stocks in the market. According to experts, this happened because of the possibility of impeachment of Minister Samat Parliament Has been figured out.

Of course, many industry observers believe that Fatemi Amin will leave the ministry before the interrogation deadline. But Tejarat News’ findings from the parliament also indicate that Minister Samat is likely to be impeached on time. In fact, if Fatemi ‌ Amin does not submit his resignation to the President before his impeachment, he will probably have to resign from his current post soon.

The impeachment comes at a time when the policies adopted by Minister Samat in the field of automobiles have caused dissatisfaction among shareholders. The issue of blocking the supply of cars on the stock exchange and the orderly pricing by Minister Samat have been among the protests.

The signal of an interpellation

Of course, the lead of the cars today was not only due to the news of the impeachment of Fatimid Amin, because the letter of the head of the Privatization Organization also had a great impact on strengthening this process. In this letter, written by Hossein Ghorbanzadeh to Fatemi Amin, he emphasized the value of government car shares.

Many shareholders believe that this letter, on the eve of Fatimid’s farewell to the ministry, will be a strong signal for a jump in the value of car shares. In fact, it can be said that the scholarship holders not only welcome this impeachment, but also the market is showing positive signs of this happening. However, who will replace Seyyed Reza Fatemi Amin is also one of the decisive points. But it seems that changing the Minister of Silence is a higher priority for shareholders at the moment.

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