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Issuance of 1100 insurance policies of Saman Insurance Link Unit

Deputy Director of Life Insurance of Saman Insurance Company announced:

According to the financial monetary news, quoting the public relations of Saman Insurance Company, Parviz Moradi, Deputy Director of Life Insurance of Saman Insurance Company, stated that in addition to various and complete life insurance coverages, he has saved in life insurance connected to the unit (Unit Link). Insurance policies are invested directly in listed mutual funds so that insurers can benefit by taking advantage of opportunities to return on the capital market.

He continued: The available information shows that eight months after the launch of this unique product, more than 50 billion rials in premiums have been produced from this place.

According to Moradi, one of the unique advantages of this insurance policy is its adherence to investment “units” which, in proportion to the return obtained from the capital market, can well maintain the value of the insurer’s capital against inflationary conditions.

Deputy Director of Life Insurance of Saman Insurance Company stated: On the other hand, with the possibility of allocating an annual guarantee interest to insurance reserves of 5% along with safe investment, regardless of market fluctuations, the concern of losing the original capital for insurers The company has raised.

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