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It is not justified not to grant child bearing loans to absent recipients

In an interview with Mehr, a member of the Economic Commission of the Islamic Council, Fethullah Tousali said: “We have only recently found out about this issue, and we do not know the reason for this decision, because the non-granting of a child-rearing loan It is not justified in any way for those who are absent from the conscription system.

The representative of the people of Bahar and Kabudar Anga added: One of the first measures to start the life and marriage of young people is to give them financial assistance from the government. In this regard, in the budget law of 1401, the parliament increased the amount of marriage loans by 50 million, and the family support law was also approved, and childbearing loans were approved for young people in order to free the country from the aging population crisis.

The member of the Economic Commission of the Islamic Council further stated: The general policy of the country is to increase the population and encourage young people to have children. This issue has been emphasized by the Supreme Leader and the parliament has taken effective measures in this regard, including passing the family protection law.

Tausli continues to criticize the implementation of this policy, saying: Many of our young people are soldiers and are interested in getting married and having children, the implementation of this policy will reduce the motivation of these young people to start a family.

A member of the Economic Commission of the Majlis said: Of course, married dependents serve in the area where they live and receive adequate salaries, but on the other hand, the cost of raising children is extremely high, and not granting loans to these dependents is considered a form of injustice against them.

This member of the 11th Parliament added: The decrease in the fertility rate in the country has become a serious threat and the Supreme Leader has mentioned this issue many times, that is why all institutions should cooperate and consider incentives for marriage and childbearing among young people. One of these incentives is the granting of childbearing loans to married civil servants with children.

This representative of the 11th Parliament said: The payment of benefits to married soldiers with children should be given serious attention by institutions and especially banks so that the motivation of young people who are interested in having children does not decrease.

Tausli further added: It seems that there are considerations that if this facility is granted to absent soldiers subject to general duty service, their interest in military service will decrease, but the point that has not been taken into account is that granting this facility can increase their motivation to serve. Being in the military is helpful.

This representative of the 11th Parliament said: In the current economic conditions and inflation and economic problems that young people are facing, not granting child bearing loans to absent beneficiaries is a form of injustice against them.

Tausli further noted: We are facing a major problem in the country, and that is the decrease in the fertility rate. To solve this big problem that threatens the national security of the country, planning should be done in such a way that all people are encouraged to have children.

Tausli continued by stating that some people believe that if child bearing loans are granted to absent beneficiaries, they will not go to the military in any way, saying: It is not necessarily the case that all young people subject to public service who receive child bearing loans will not go to the military, this group of There are few who refuse to join the army. To solve this problem, all of them should not be denied from taking loans.

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