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Jabali: We have 16 shows under construction

According to Fars news agency, Peyman Jebeli of the Broadcasting Organization, who visited the Broadcasting University on the occasion of the beginning of the academic year, referring to the development of the national media, said: “In Gaza, we saw the oppressed ruler that after 75 years of occupation, crime Terrorism, brutality and massacre are still the Palestinians’ view of the ideal of returning to their home and homeland and the freedom of Palestine and Jerusalem, and this view and approach of resistance still remains. This courage and self-confidence is needed for resistance and transformation.

The head of the Broadcasting Organization emphasized that we should adhere to elements such as patience, patience and faith in the goal and not be influenced by the insinuations of people who are weak, desperate and pursuing special interests, just as the current of resistance was not influenced by the current of compromise and… Achieving the best situation requires patience. It is with such an approach that transformation happens. I hope that we can learn from the movement of resistance and Gaza Hero.

Jabali further pointed to his 30-year presence at Sedavasima University and stated: My relationship with the university has not been broken; If one day I was here as a teacher, now I am serving the university as a servant of the organization.

He emphasized on avoiding the disease of tribunism and chanting and said: We hope our relationship with the university will not be affected by these diseases. Also, the words I hear at the University of Broadcasting must be different from other universities, because I consider you as a member of the broadcasting family.

The head of the Broadcasting Organization added: I grew up here, I am an employee of my organization and I will retire here. I did not come from anywhere by bus, nor will I go to another place by bus. We have not delivered an ideal organization, but naturally, in different periods, the organization has had successes and failures, achievements have been made and some things have not been done. However, what is clear is that the path not taken is more than the path taken.

Jabali pointed to the efforts to solve chronic problems within the organization, such as balancing the payment of salaries in some departments or calculating the years of 5,000 official employees of the organization, which was their legal and Shariah right, and said: None of these were a criticism of the employees, but their right. And it was a prelude to the implementation of transformation. There are also chronic problems in the University of Radio and Television, which we must gradually investigate and solve.

He added: Today we have a two-year life experience and a track record of transformational action. We are proud of the actions taken and look forward to the future with confidence. However, many spaces have been created and are being created in this path, and courage is required along this path.

The first step of transformation is transformation in thought and discourse

The head of the Broadcasting Organization pointed to the increase of specialized desks in the Broadcasting News Agency to more than 40 desks as one of the examples of transformation in this field and said: what happened has strengths and weaknesses, its strengths should be strengthened and its weaknesses corrected. The first step of transformation is transformation in thought and discourse, and then pathology and synergism.

Jabali also mentioned that the camp’s perspective should be included in the agenda from the beginning of the work and said: We will stick to the camp’s work until the last moment, and it is more obligatory than night bread for us in the period of transformation. Camp work means to measure the capabilities of the enemy and our own facilities and design operations accordingly. It means to use the internal and external capacities and facilities, including the power and capacity of individuals, groups and institutions throughout the country. On the other hand, the cultural challenges in the country are so heavy and big that we do not consider the responsibility of Sedavsima to solve these challenges on Sedavsima’s shoulders and we must also use the many capacities of external cultural collections and institutions.

Our shoulders alone cannot bear the burden of cultural challenges

He added: Our shoulder alone cannot bear the burden of cultural challenges of the country. Camp work means distribution of responsibility and outsourcing and fielding outside people and capacities that must be done.

The head of the Broadcasting Organization also emphasized on the identification, discovery of talents and the use of faithful, capable and revolutionary forces from all over the country as well as from the Broadcasting University and said: “Attract the best and most capable forces from the Broadcasting University and wherever it helps our transformation goals.” We do and we do not fall short of our principles.

Jabali: We have 16 shows under construction

Jabali attributed any statements regarding the closure and weakening of the University of Radio and Television to ill-intentioned people and said: “University of Radio and Television will be strengthened.” Radio and Television University is the pride of the organization and will remain, as the organization stands. We believe in Sadasima University and we thank God that good, literate, talented, faithful, revolutionary and pious forces form the student body of the university. Our hope and wish is that there will not be a single graduate left who is not attracted to the organization.

In another part of his speech, he pointed to the efforts to stabilize and provide new sources of income in the organization, and while emphasizing the follow-up and solving the accumulated problems of the students of Sadasima University, he said: We are trying within the framework of general strategies, while gradually solving these problems, to build faith and hope for transformation. Strengthen students and graduates.

The head of the Broadcasting Organization also pointed to the transformational measures of recent months in the field of news and political affairs, including the coverage of water supply operations in Hamadan province and the role it played in preventing the crisis and said: We did not wait for a crisis to arise and then try to solve it. He added: The crises that were prevented from happening by the efforts of the national media were probably more than the incidents that happened.

They lied that the production of 100 TV series has been stopped

Referring to the transformational goals of the national media in the field of broadcasting, Jabali said: We move with the slogan of identity and justice. Identity means we don’t go to any vulgar content, and justice means we don’t go to only some topics, some regions, some producers, some presenters, etc., of course, this same issue was used against the national media. Some were angry and some lied that the production of 100 TV series had been stopped and created a cruel and unfair psychological atmosphere, but the organization still did not fall.

Jabali added: We are currently signing contracts, writing scripts and making a large number of drama series, and right now 16 series are being made and we have the so-called camera on, and many are in the pre-production stage. At the same time, we manage and advance two prestigious collections of Hazrat Musa and Salman Farsi, which is a significant task while advancing other matters of the organization.

He pointed to other transformational processes, including the establishment of the Simorgh Center, the revival of tele-theater and tele-film with the aim of discovering artistic talents, etc., and while expressing his complaint that some unfair slanders were allowed to the organization, he said: “With all this, we trust in God, you should too.” Keep your spirits up. The paths taken are very few and the paths not taken are very long. Our honor, dignity, effort and efforts are not more valuable than the blood of the resistance fighters who continue to pursue their goal after 75 years and God willing, it will come to fruition.

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