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“Jers” became the narrator of the story of Karbala/the story of 10 characters who underwent a transformation – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

According to the reporter of Mehr, “Jers” in 10 episodes with the presence of actors introduces 10 characters who were somehow present in the Ashura event and Part of Companions of Aba Abdullah al-Hussein (A) were paid Each part of this series, consisting of three scenes “before the confrontation of people with Imam Hussain”A)“, “Their confrontation with Seyyed and the leader of the martyrs” and finally “Their struggle and chanting for the Yazidi army”.

Mohsen Farahani, the producer of “Jers” drama series, told Mehr reporter about how the idea of ​​making this series was formed: In the first step, there was an initial idea for making “Jers” series, and it was supposed to produce a secret program with the presence of the actor’s guests. We also had ideas so that the program with the actor’s presence would not be repetitive and attract the audience. Finally, it was decided that the guest who comes to the studio, instead of just having a conversation with him, and about the mood of the Ashura event, Imam Hossein (A) And Karbala, let’s ask him to use his acting skills and play a role.

He continued: We tried to make “Jeres” not like a teletheater or a program conversational Therefore, 10 characters of the Ashura event were chosen for the actors to play in those roles. Of course, 2 considerations were taken into account in choosing these 10 characters. The first consideration in choosing these 10 people was to choose characters from Ashura that could be shown in front of the camera and not have the challenge of showing their faces.

Regarding the second consideration, Farahani said: In choosing the characters, we also decided to choose those who were at a crossroads in the Karbala incident and underwent transformation along this path. We wanted them not to be companions who, from the very beginning, at the invitation of Imam Hussain (A) They said lip service and chose martyrdom. On the other hand, an effort was made to choose those who had a more attractive narrative in the selection of these 10 characters.

Explaining how to choose 10 actors who were supposed to play the roles of the 10 chosen characters of the Karbala incident, the producer of “Jers” stated: In choosing the actors, an important point for us was that they had some experience of acting in historical works or religious work. Have. In the way that among the 10 actors there were figures who had less experience and some like Jafar Dehghan and Anoush Moazzami. Part of There have been actors who have played most of their roles in historical and religious works.

He further added that it was important for the production team that the guest actors have theater experience. Because the series “Jeres” is close to theater work in some aspects, and the actors should be able to prepare themselves for the intended role in a short period of time and play the desired role in the least impressions.

Farahani said about the research method of this series: For research, a team was considered which includes the editor, researcher and writer, and according to their duties, they tried to use those who were veterans and experienced in this field. do In the end, the experience of these friends helped to make the program correct and reliable. An attempt was made to use the parts that most experts have agreed on. We left out the parts that might have a local dispute and those parts were not addressed. Therefore, we have received good feedback from the program so far.

According to Farahani, the guests of the program did not know that they had to play a role before their appearance, and they appeared in the program only knowing that they were going to face a challenge.

He stated: The actors who appeared as guests in the program “Jers” knew before coming to the program that they were not going to appear only as guests and talk, but they did not know exactly what they should do in the rest of the program. Therefore, they were certainly surprised when they found out, and sometimes they had obstacles.

He mentioned: The thing that made them trust was the presence of a professional team behind the scenes. When they saw that the behind-the-scenes agents, from the director of filming, sound recording, set and make-up designer to even the stage secretary and others, are well-known and skilled, this trust was created in them.

The producer of “Jeres” program expressed the challenges they faced in making the program and stated: The first difficulty of making “Jeres” program was its location. Most of such programs are made in the studio. In the studio, everything is under control and nothing unpredictable happens; but in location which we chose and is related to the series “Kofi’s Love”, until Oh you environmental conditions due to time constraints on the construction process Effective Was. Even issues like wind and light were a challenge for production.

He added: The texts were written quickly, and there was no time to analyze how the text made the actor feel, so that we could spend time and predict what solutions and alternatives we would have if the actor could not get that feeling. But in general, efforts were made to proceed in the best possible way in the production of the program.

Expressing his hope for the continuation of making programs in this style, Farahani said: If the reception of these 10 episodes is good, in the future we can also produce programs for the Companions and other Ahl al-Bayt (AS) and “Jers” will continue with new topics and contents. be

The drama series “Jers” is a product of Oj Media Art Organization, directed by Ali Farahani Sadr and produced by Abbas Dezfouli and Mohsen Farahani, which is broadcast every night at 21:30 on Channel Two.

The people who are introduced in this show are: Nafee bin Hilal electricity, angry Ben Blue similar Shakri, Habib son Mazher, June Ben Havi, my heart The wife of Zuhair b QinHar bin Yazid Riahi, brier Ben Khadir Hamdani, Muslim b AusjehNavy wife Junadaban plow and the mother of Amr b JunadaAnd Wahb Bin Abdullah bin Habab Colby.

Actors who appear in “Jers” include Alireza Mehran, Majid a malletJafar Dehghan, Siros Kohurinejad, Mohia Dehghani, Anoush Moazzami, Alireza Ostadi, Seyed Mehrdad Zia’i, Shivakhosromhar and Korosh Soleimani.

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