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Justice is not equality / the need to periodically study the indicators of the educational system – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr reporter; Educational Justice One of the missing links in the education system in our country is that in addition to the people and experts, the officials also acknowledge the lack of educational justice.

Regardless of that many times Justice With the word Equality It is seen as the same, and some officials distribute the facilities equally among all to administer justice; Lack of accurate knowledge of the current situation and the degree of dispersion of educational facilities in the country has also led to macro educational policies are not properly accompanied by the desired decisions.

Shirin Jafari, a member of the Program and Budget Organization and Director of Statistics and Information of the Ministry of Education, said in an interview with Mehr: “In the Program and Budget Organization, we have to carry out budgeting operations according to the plan; That is, our calculations and budgets should be based on the plans presented. Another important issue in being program-oriented; Resource distribution. Resource distribution can be in different areas; Distribution of financial resources, distribution of human resources or development or equipment and favorable environment for students are generally discussed.

Jafari said that climate and climate can also be effective in policy making; He said: “In any case, our country is a vast country, while, for example, the Scandinavian or European countries, which are also educationally advanced; It is true that they had appropriate policies and good educational measures, but in any case, they are less than one province of our country in terms of area. Therefore, justice in our country is very meaningful and effective and it should be paid much attention.

For the sake of ease, we work for equality instead of justice

The director of statistics and information of the Ministry of Education added: “Unfortunately, we are working for equality instead of justice; We seek equality and we distribute the budget equally among students and teachers because we do not leave the necessary time for the right allocation of funds and the proper realization of justice; While justice is a very broad concept.

A former member of the Statistics Center of Iran, referring to the importance of examining the variables affecting justice, said: Adequate knowledge of the variables that measure justice; its necessary. That means you actually have to have the right meter for the size Giri To have accurate justice. In the last two years, we have tried to provide the necessary meters for justice in the Ministry of Education and with the cooperation of the team in the ministry, and we have measured the status of educational indicators among 449 cities, which were ranked in terms of justice.

Evaluate the process based on the results of the educational system

Member of the Program and Budget Organization, stating that educational indicators are generally divided into 4 groups and categories; Stated: A series of indicators are input; Financial resources, number of teachers or number of students are among these input indicators. Some indicators Process Are like management, how management is a process indicator. A series of indicators are output, our citation and focus is on output indicators; Such as the coverage rate of educational facilities, the level of student concentration, the ratio of female to male students or the ratio of theoretical high school students to vocational technical students. These are all output indicators. That is, they express the output and result of the educational system. Our actions are mostly based on this indicator.

The statistician said: “A series of indicators are more modern indicators, which are called impacts index.” These indicators are for when we want to see where a student who has received his diploma, for example, goes; Is he attracted to the university or does he enter the workplace on the workplace? Or in general, we want to see how he’s going through his life after school? Feedback and review results from these cases give us indicators of effectiveness. Indicators of effectiveness, of course, are very ideal in our country Oriental For current education policies, at least for now, it is not possible to provide these indicators because we do not have the conditions and data.

We considered 20 important indicators out of 100 main indicators

Jafari, stating that we considered 20 important indicators out of 100 main indicators; He said: “We selected important indicators with scientific methods and based them on our work.”

He pointed out that the indicators are divided into three general categories; He stated: The first category is indicators such as space and educational facilities; The second indicators are related to teachers and educational staff and the third indicators are related to educational indicators; Characteristics from the heart of knowledge Learn It comes out and is the result of work on knowledge Learn There have been. Using these indicators, it can be found which provinces and which cities have a better situation in terms of education, which is divided into three scientific coefficients, Gini coefficient (economic index to calculate the distribution of wealth among the people) and coefficient Palma (Income rate 10% above the population with 40% below the population) It is determined to know what the situation of the provinces is.

A member of the Program and Budget Organization added: “By dividing these studies into small cities, it can be seen that the most deprived areas are not necessarily in weak and deprived provinces, and even small districts and cities near large cities may be the most deprived areas in the distribution of educational justice.” The more landscaping is divided into smaller parts and the smaller parts are separated and examined separately; We will get more accurate results and naturally decisions will be more accurate and easier.

He pointed out that we marked the beginning of inspections and planning in 1999; He said: it was decided to measure these variables every two years Giri And our situation compared to the previous year; God willing, these studies will continue every two years to show us a process. Mother, unfortunately, we do not have a process to check it at the moment, and it was the first year of calculation in 1399.

Providing statistics like a car headlight shows the way

The director of statistics and information of the Ministry of Education added: “Providing statistics and comparisons based on indicators for a system is like traffic lights for a car, which shows the way and shows the interest status.” Mandy Is. Educational indicators, of course, are only the guide and beacon of the educational system and are not the driving force of this system. These surveys and arrangements show only the path in which we can move properly; Going in this direction and its engine is the next phase of this project.

Pointing out that there are 449 cities in the country, he said: “If I were a high-level manager in the country’s education system; I isolated the 60 cities that had the least enjoyment in this educational system and examined the reason for the lack of educational facilities and talents in each of these cities separately. Jafari emphasizes that the causes of inequality in having educational facilities have many reasons; He said: one of the reasons could be the negligence of the educational system; One reason could be the neglect of the cultural system of that deprived and less privileged climate; One reason could be the IQ and EQ emotional intelligence of children in those areas; These are some of the simplest things that can be said. There are also very complex reasons consisting of several variables, which are among the reasons for the imbalance in the distribution of educational facilities in different regions of the country.

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