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Kazemi: Taleghani should know his limits and not speak against Mansourian

According to the sports reporter of Fars news agency, while Foulad is preparing to start a new and powerful season, the words of Abdulkazem Taleghani, the head of the Khuzestan province football team, caused a lot of noise. He made strange statements about Alireza Mansourian and claimed that the head coach of Foulad is not up to the standards of Khuzestan football.

Hossein Kazemi, the coach of the Khuzestan football team, said in an interview with the sports reporter of Fars news agency: “Today, I have the honor of working in the Khuzestan football team and alongside the Mansourian group, and I am shaping a good coaching future for myself.” Before my words, I would like to thank the CEO of the factory, the president and members of the board of directors, the CEO of the club, as well as the staff in the club, who are all concerned about the pride of steel.

He continued: I also thank the good Foulad fans who give us positive energy in the city. 2 days ago, I read an interview with the head of the Khuzestan football board and I doubted why he is still the head of the Khuzestan football board? I have a reminder. In the past few days, when Mehdi Taj was competing with Mirshad Majdi, Taleghani did something that questioned the 70-year history of the country’s football. By closing and locking the football team, he didn’t let anyone sit on the management chair after him or anyone else! This shows how much this position is important to him that even though the law does not vote, he closes the football team.

The coach of the football team of Khuzestan football team stated: It is obvious to everyone that the signing of Taleghani is the foot of the ugly and Turkenchay Wilmots contract. I will not talk much and I will say only one thing that Mr. Taleghani, if I were you, I would resign from the head of the football team so that both Khuzestan province would breathe and you would know your limits. If you had a national game and if you were in a national team camp wearing a sports uniform, I would say that you are allowed to speak, but you were never a national pride and you were never proud to be a national soldier. Mansourian has 200 records. He has nearly 60, 70 national games and has played about 120,130 matches as the head coach of Omid national team, as an assistant to Keirosh and Afshin Qutbi on the bench of national teams.

Kazemi said: By doing this, you reduced yourself and showed how small you are by allowing yourself to come to a big club like Foulad and give ideas. It is better to continue your work. It has been reported from inside the province that they are not satisfied with you. With all due respect, I did not want to do this interview, but the sanctity of the mosque keeps the custodian first.

Regarding the conditions of Khuzestan Steel, he said: Players are gradually added to training, we have bought good foreign players and we promise good days to the fans.

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