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According to Tejarat News, Majid Eshghi, the head of the stock exchange organization, said in June about the latest details of the change in the fluctuation range: “The gradual increase in the fluctuation range does not mean that we will change it every season, but now it is supposed to change the range Fluctuation should be done by correcting the classification of markets. We hope to make a decision to change the swing range again in the future; But now it is not possible to announce the exact time for this action. The continuous change of the fluctuation range and the market’s expectation for the seasonal change of the fluctuation range make the market wait for the infrastructure change.

Today, the CEO of Tehran Stock Exchange announced that there is currently no plan to increase the range of volatility in the company’s agenda.

Mahmoud Gudarzi, the CEO of Tehran Stock Exchange Company, pointed out ways to increase the awareness of investors in the stock market and added: the issue of financial literacy is a point that has been discussed many times recently, I am against the entry of all people towards increasing financial literacy; Because it is not necessary for different layers of Iranian society to get familiar with trading education.

He stated: The meaning of financial literacy is that all people in the stock market should be educated about trading in the market, while people who are knowledgeable about the concepts of profit and loss are somewhat aware of financial literacy.

Gooderzi noted: This issue should be taken into consideration so that the majority of people who do not have enough knowledge and expertise to invest will be led to how they can cover their money against inflation and fluctuations.

The Managing Director of Tehran Stock Exchange Company believes that this action can be implemented through tools available in the stock market such as capital guarantee fund, equity fund and leveraged fund.

He declared that people have different levels of risk tolerance and one proposal cannot be prescribed for all shareholders.

Gooderzi noted: In the near future, we will follow a new approach in the Tehran Stock Exchange, and a call is going to be made for Internet TV sets to participate in this plan. In this regard, if they accept the conditions of the Tehran Stock Exchange, they will be given a space to promote the investment culture.

The Managing Director of Tehran Stock Exchange emphasized: Financial literacy is not an issue that can only have one trustee, but education, stock exchange organization and the Ministry of Economy should be involved in increasing financial literacy.

He continued: This activity is a kind of long-term action, but plans for the proper implementation of this goal should be on the agenda.

In the end, in response to a question about the stock exchange company’s plan to increase the fluctuation range by one percent, Gooderzi announced: We do not have a plan to increase the fluctuation range again.

Source: IRNA

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