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Kierosh seeks to break the spell of failure of foreign coaches in Egypt + Photo

According to Fars News Agency, the Arabic “Al-Kureh” website reported on the poor record of foreign coaches in the history of the Egyptian national team in the African Cup of Nations.

Carlos Queiroz, the former head coach of Iran, is now in charge of the Pharaohs. “The record of the foreign coaches of the Egyptian national team in the African Cup of Nations has not been good, and this is not good news for anyone,” the media wrote.

So far, the Egyptian national team has competed in the African Cup of Nations with seven foreign coaches, and has won the cup with only two foreign coaches.

Hungarian coach Joseph Tiktos won the African Cup of Nations in 1959. Michael Smith of Wales also made the Pharaohs African champions again in 1986 after 27 years.

Carlos Queiroz has a hard time working and wants to break the spell after 35 years and make the Pharaohs the African champion again as a foreign coach.

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