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“Leila Brothers” won the “Pfeiffer” award at the Cannes Film Festival

The jury of the International Federation of Critics (Fipershi) awarded the best film of the main competition section to the film “Leila Brothers” by Saeed Roustaei.

Theater News Base: Hours before the closing ceremony of the 75th Cannes Film Festival, the jury of the International Federation of Film Critics (Fipershi) presented their selected works in different sections of the Cannes Film Festival, and the film “Leila Brothers” directed by Saeed Roustaei won the Best Film award in The main competitive section was selected.

The “Pipershi” jury, chaired by Egyptian filmmaker Ahmed Shouki, said in a statement that “Leila Brothers” was due to “the director’s ability to create compelling storytelling, very dense cultural insights, a small world of dysfunctional patriarchy, and free and joyful changes of tone.” Has been selected as the best film in the main competition section of Cannes Film Festival.

Also, Maryam Tojani’s “Blue Dream” was nominated for Best Picture and “Love Based on Dalwa” by Emanuele Nicot was nominated for Best Picture in the Critics ‘Week and Cannes Film Festival Directors’ Sections for two weeks.

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