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Letter from the textile director to the Minister of Interior: A black spot was created for the first level of Iranian football

According to Fars News Agency, Izad Seifollah, CEO of Mazandaran Textile Club, in a letter to the Minister of Interior, complained about the lack of attention paid to the textile club by the relevant organizations of this ministry. informed.

The letter reads as follows:

“In the following description, we are initially ashamed that the mismanagement and disregard of some managers for the high values ​​of service in the Islamic and popular system has led to the fact that in order to express the most trivial concerns, we must directly address the rights of our dear people. Sometimes we become His Excellency or sometimes the esteemed President.

Due to the origin of the generality and popularity of sports, especially football, as you know, Mazandaran Textile Club is one of the most popular with more than 63 years old, which millions of communities, especially in the north of the country, consider this team as part of its cultural and sports identity.

Those huge factories, which have been leading the way in the production of textiles since the beginning of the last century, even in advanced and technologically advanced countries, have been facing crises for years and are tasting destruction. For more than two decades, the name of the club has relied on the capacity of the private sector.

Infrastructure, targeting and preparation of platforms related to the presence of the private sector in sports during these years, which is still due to inadequacies and unplanned, has not been able to be invested in such a way that investment in this area is profitable and only the private sector has entered the campaign. And unfortunately, by suffering damage to the status and prestige of business, it actually plays the role of a charity, and this is not at all the beautification of sports, which today is one of the largest economic industries in the world.

In any case, during the four years of ownership of Mazandaran Textile Club by Warsh Airlines, this complex has been at the service of the great textile club with all its might and potential. Asia.

After discussing the calculations of the huge expenses that have been given to honorable people and fans to create social vitality, we are unfortunately deprived of the minimum that is the responsibility of the sports apparatus and the government. In fact, not only is there no incentive for the investor, but often poor performance has discouraged the private sector.

For more than five years, the textile team has been training in Tehran due to the lack of a training camp in Mazandaran. Irresponsibility and incompetence to complete the stadium grass project led to the fact that during the visit of the president and the government delegation to Mazandaran, unfortunately, the esteemed president also entered the banal stadium grass project. However, due to the slow progress of the project, their promise will not be fulfilled in due time.

Despite all these shortcomings and unfulfilled promises, unfortunately, one of the biggest obstacles to the progress of the Mazandaran Textile Club is the discussion of strictures and considerations related to security. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of the textile club, security sensitivities towards this club have always been more than usual, and many times these unusual behaviors have had a direct impact on the team’s performance. Really, the ownership of a club, while it has entered this dangerous arena with all its might, must face several obstacles and how many factions must endure its ruthlessness? These behaviors are not only outside the professional arena of sports, but also contradict human and Islamic ethics.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems of Mazandaran Textile Club in the recent season was facing the Security Council. Tolerating all the pressures related to the games, managing the fan base and the existing deprivations on the one hand, and on the other hand the sensitivities and degrading behaviors of the officials under the Ministry of Interior, cause the most damage to the club.

In the final match of the National Cup, which was held at Azadi Stadium and we witnessed the presence of more than 40,000 textile-loving fans and that unquenchable enthusiasm, until the hours before the scheduled time of the match, both finalist teams were undecided whether the match would take place or not. No? Even the ticket sales system was still open in non-professional conditions just a few hours before the start of the game. Finally, what are the considerations that happen to be most directed at city clubs without support? Should the club put its energy and strength to win the final or pursue it day and night through political officials to persuade and satisfy the officials under the Ministry of Interior ?! What school and law do these nobles follow that people are not aware of? Why are behaviors and managements arbitrary with competitions at this level? These behaviors are not worthy of honorable people and sports, and today the private sector will no longer tolerate it and will give the job to its rivals.

In addition to the conflicts and economic ills of the people these days, we decided to celebrate the textile championship after their last game against Traktor at the Martyrs’ Stadium in Sari. The same stadium where we had played a few games at the beginning of the season with the approval of the relevant authorities, but during the correspondence we had, we met with unbelievable opposition from the league organization and other organizations. Finally, what are the considerations that the officials under the Ministry of Interior should eliminate the happiness of the people? Mazandaran textile fans are always famous in terms of fan culture. What is going to happen that every time the textile club has to face the big obstacle of government officials?

Following the opposition to holding the last game against Traktor in Sari, according to the previous home game against the fan team, which we played at Dastgerdi Stadium in Tehran, the game with Traktor was also arranged during the necessary coordination and administrative and financial affairs. To be held in this stadium. All the relevant rituals were performed to hold the game, and even at the scheduled time of the game, the teams were present on the field, but despite the disbelief and a strange event, the Tehran Security Council opposed the holding of the game! And this black spot was created for the first level of Iranian football on the day when the officials of FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation were present in Tehran.

What was going to happen in the game without spectators in Dastgerdi Stadium, which was opposed by the officials under the Ministry of Interior? In recent seasons, Premier League games have been held repeatedly in the same stadium; Is this really the right of the country’s textile and football?

By offering respect and presenting the detailed inconveniences of the ownership and management of Mazandaran Textile Club, we thank God. No, and while apologizing and saying goodbye to the fans and lovers dearer than John, from this moment on, there is no room left for Warsaw Airlines to continue its presence in the sacred institution of sports.

“God willing, the investment will be able to serve in the large textile club of Mazandaran in order to endure the behaviors of the relevant organizations of the Ministry of Interior, while enduring a lot of disadvantages and deprivations.”

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