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Loss of half of British independent cinemas

The British Independent Cinema Authority has announced that 47% of cinemas in the complex will continue to operate at a loss as a result of the negative effects of the corona outbreak.

Theater News Base: Of the cinemas surveyed in the study, 31 percent were unsure how long they would be able to operate under these unprofitable conditions, while 24 percent said they had to cut staff. Thirty-eight percent of cinemagoers say they need financial support to make up for lost revenue, and 15 percent of cinemas have not yet reopened.

The study, entitled “The Continuing Impact of Covid”, conducted from 23 to 31 August 2021 and surveyed by 133 independent cinematographers in the UK, states: “Cinemas seek to strike a balance between creating a safe environment for audiences, including distance Social transitions and management are rational and cost-effective cinemas. “55% of cinemas are still active with measures such as social distancing, and 43% of cinemas are hosting audiences at half capacity.”

Eighty-one per cent of cinemas cited lack of return of audience confidence and declining cinema attendance as their main concerns, with 34 per cent of UK independent cinemas saying they were facing challenges in getting films to screen. Fifty-six percent of cinemas are also unsure about the release of their works and have made obtaining the right content for the show their main concern.

On a positive note, the report also points to a 21% increase in UK cinemas, which have so far shown more independent work.

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